sábado, 15 de diciembre de 2012

VXN - St. 1986 (Melodic Rock) Canada

Absolute classic! There I've said it... and I mean it too! This is probably one of the most ellusive Canadian melodic rock albums of all time... and a personal favourite.
For me its the fiery riffs complemented by the equally hot vocals of Sherrie Marginean. Lets not forget the keyboard fills and solos, emotive lyrics and a spot of lead guitar by non other than Frank Marino ("Just a Game"). I've been trying to track these guys down for years but with no luck... dead ends all the way. So if any of the band members, or anybody else who has contact with, or knowledge of their where abouts...email me!. As for you, the collector... get thee to thy winged chariot and find this masterpiece at all costs, so it can also have pride of place in your own collection. Now...did I say I love this album...?
I recently found out that Vxn had a single that predates their album release. Sadly theres no non-album track, but it does give me another opportunity to add an extra soundbyte from this fantastic Canadian Pomp Rock band.
Also rumoured to have a second album entitled "Stick to Your Guns".(aor-fm)

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