sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012

Addiction - Get Hooked 1985 (AOR) USA

Check out the cover! Glam?I think not, but it is wimps only that will enjoy this fine mini/lp. Luckily thats me at certain times of the day or this would never get a spin. Pop rock with Aor sensibilities and some nice pompous keyboard touches. Track two; "Talk To You" has a chorus surely stollen from Duran Duran, I kid you not! I'm still racking my brains as to which one. (maybe Duran stole it from these guys!). This was released in in 1985 but would have been better placed in 81 and probably would have charted along side the afore mentioned band. This is a seven tracker and quite hard to find. But I'm sure if you manage to get hold of a copy and give it a chance, you will eventually end up treasuring it... like I do mine.(aor-fm)

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