jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

Tommy Skeoch - Freak Bucket (ex-TESLA)

It is always unfortunate to note that a person does poorly. Although I never had personal contact with Tommy Skecoh, former guitarist of the famous big band Tesla, the truth is that the publication of his first solo album is a misstep and dangerous.

After returning to scene with his album Tesla Into The Now, this Californian fell into the misfortune of illegal substances and their intake, a situation that was too much for his teammates, who decided it aside (twice).

The truth is that this "record" is a total disaster and a complete disappointment. He had previously played a few songs on the artist's MySpace, which made me think the worst.

Sure, there was worse to come. This "record" took only four days in a study of Florida, USA, which leaves a lot to think about, because what we are dealing with light years far from being a masterpiece.

On the contrary, it is an offense to good taste, a provocation to the patience of listening, is a real mess.

I am sorry to say this but Skeoch not only lost the compass, I think a lot of sense to taste went with it.

But the album is not only bad musically. Skeoch made the mistake of "sing", an element that only serves to confirm the absolute black hole of the artist.

On the other letters are full of obscenities and swearing, I do not care if people curse, but the truth is that after so madrazo you question, what is the hatred of the world?

Okay we're shit, but most problems have solutions. The most repeated words in this "work" are fuck and mother fucker, that is ...

Well, I can only thank the destination have heard this stuff before you buy, a situation that would have made me say those two words mentioned repeatedly.

And talk about the cover ... well, yes hit Skeoch, hideous album cover for a really scary!

Friends, this is a total disaster. NOT RECOMMENDED. The 10 points are that at least is not a list of covers and artist plays almost all the instruments.


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