martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

Ray Wheeler And The Edge 1994 (AOR) US

Another long lost aor album I had one on my wantlist for years, and now I finally found it…but it doesn’t fulfil my expectations. This is the second release from Ray Wheeler before the self titled work in 1992, with some better tunes on it like “Borrowed Time” and “Need a Ride”, but there is something missing…like the big refrains or a little more feeling put into the songs. The work on keys are very good surrounded with many backing vocals but the bad production “kill” this record. For collectors of that music style it’s a good and hard to find addition.

Band Members
Gary Bruesezi – Drums, James M. Bender – Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Ray L. Wheeler – Vocals, Keyboards, Scott Brown – Guitars
01. Something In Your Ear (3:39), 02. Peace (4:59), 03. Over The Edge (3:39), 04. Needed A Ride (3:15), 05. Root’s ‘N’ Rock (2:25), 06. A Place In The Sun (3:38), 07. Borrowed Time (3:22), 08. What You’re Feeling (4:10), 09. Strong Hearts (4:43), 10. Six String Lady (2:06)

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