domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Lydian - With a Vengeance 1990 (Melodic Hard Rock)

Yep Almost all Icon´s line up here.. Some good Solos/Chorus and cool riffs but a little bit boring by moments, average production too. "Sweet Surrender"(catchy song) "Runnin´" and "Over and Over" are just good ones. Good duet on "Close Enough".(jc)

I have not heard this albm and by the sounds of the comments on here i guess it sucks pretty bad......But to say typical 80s nonesense? You have to be kiddin me. The 80s were the greatest decade of all time for music. You call yourself an Icon freak and you dog the 80s? That makes absolutely no sense at all. Granted the 80s had tons of crap but when it came to the hair/guitar jondra it killed. Noneone will ever touch the 80s. Long live the 80s!(bobby)

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  1. Otro que no tengo,para variar,kissmar,dime como puedo colaborar,de que forma lo hago,donde esta el listado para no repetir nada,soy un poco nuevo,en estos blogs
    PD-yo he colaborado muchisimo pero con otras formas como streamload,news,etc....,un saludo grande

  2. Terrarosa en el mismo blog hay un buscador arriba a la izquierda pone grupo o album y te dice si fue posteado o quizas caduco el link,o bien fijate lo q piden en chat y subilo CON TODO GUSTO LO SUBO!! GRACIAS!!! :)

  3. Man U Are The Best! Thnx For Album! I Was Looking For It Forever. Rock On!