viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012

Heartland - Move On [Japan release] 2005 (AOR) UK

For those unfamiliar with HEARTLAND, this UK band formed by ex VIRGINIA WOLF vocalist Chris Ousey debuted in 1991 with their self titled AOR classic.
By the 3rd disc, monster guitarist / producer Steve Morris (EXPORT, SHADOWMAN) joins the band and since then they have released 8 albums together.
HEARTLAND has never really made a bad album but "Move On" is their best in my opinion on par with the debut. While the "ST" was a pure AOR - rock gem, this one is a perfect blend of furious melodic rock with classic AOR.
Ousey / Morris have written the best pack of songs since they're working as a team, guitars are sharp and big, production is tougher and tighter than ever, and the mix, done by Tommy Hansen (SKAGARACK, PRETTY MAIDS) in Denmark, is awesome. (Camelblue)

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