viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012

Eoortmicro - St 1991 (Melodic Rock) Thailand

Creator, Ames, son Max.Coordinate
Art should be fun.Volume control and audio mixing.
Pnt Teerapabpaisit healing.Assistant sound.
Education, Tee Little, Suriya, l.Petition
Creator, Ames, son Max, civil Pat Pong Su, a family where the pilgrims own path, Ning real pleasure, the speed conjunction Jobs Wit, Billy O axis.Melody / arranger with.
Creator em good son, Krit good nectar Development, Soros key at my son, John, Krishna Esrni, meta Chai cold Ponsuk, dependent abuse reporting his Suwan, Ning real pleasure, Duluth Margarita Spears Paris Casino. , the Black Gold (I), Mana noble families (the peace), Microsoft.Record.
Butterfly recording studio.Mix.
HTML Sri Siam.Music.

I love to be scared.
Nothing to lose.
Satisfied, then in her.
Health topic.
You (Reprise).
Rock me, rock.
Aware of already.
We have this.
Uncomfortable issue.
War, Peace (Reprise).

Thank U Under21

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