jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

Sweet F.A. - The Lost Tapes 2007 (Hard Rock)

Originally signed with MCA Records releasing "Stick To Your Guns" the band has had an MTV Video release for "Rhythm Of Action" and has been called "One of the best hard rock bands I have ever seen live", Bret Hartman- MCA Records.

Sweet F.A. has also been signed to Virgin/Charisma Records for a second release entitled "Temptation".

Sweet Vine - St 1996 (AOR/Indie)

Boyfriend - St. 1983 (Melodic Rock) U.S.A.

Not to be confused with a Texas band of the same name, these "Boyfriends" play good Aor/pomp with a couple of standout songs, of which at least one ("White Lies"), in recent years, was covered by Storyteller, on their excellent 2000 album "Corridor Of Windows"(Mtm). Another great tune is "Never Ever (Alone again)" an incredibly catchy chorus that I would swear I've heard before... but just can't place it! (Rathskellar?!)

Sweet FA - Temptation 1991 (Hard Rock)

1. Bad Boy
2. Temptation
3. Sexuality
4. Your Love
5. Storm is Movin' In
6. Vices
7. Please Oh Please
8. Paralyzed by You
9. Liquid Emotion
10. Eighteen Hundred Ta Kill Ya Sunrise
11. Indiana Heart
12. Reckless
13. Mama Told Me Not to Come
Pedido mini chat,gracias Rock Mix!.RE UP/post 2007

domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Lydian - With a Vengeance 1990 (Melodic Hard Rock)

Yep Almost all Icon´s line up here.. Some good Solos/Chorus and cool riffs but a little bit boring by moments, average production too. "Sweet Surrender"(catchy song) "Runnin´" and "Over and Over" are just good ones. Good duet on "Close Enough".(jc)

I have not heard this albm and by the sounds of the comments on here i guess it sucks pretty bad......But to say typical 80s nonesense? You have to be kiddin me. The 80s were the greatest decade of all time for music. You call yourself an Icon freak and you dog the 80s? That makes absolutely no sense at all. Granted the 80s had tons of crap but when it came to the hair/guitar jondra it killed. Noneone will ever touch the 80s. Long live the 80s!(bobby)

Surrender Dorothy USA 1992 Glam/Melodic Hard Rock

Killer band from the USA released on Burning Rat Records 1992 . Long out of print and a must for any metal head. ENJOY!!!

Black China - In Your Eyes 1991 + Demos 2005 (AOR) UK

Demos excellent sound!!,great AOR!.

martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

Virginia Wolf - Push [remastered + bonus] 1987 (AOR) UUK

As with the debut, a long overdue release on cd, and another high class brit aor album that every aor fan should add to their wants list. Maybe not up to the rediculously high standards of the debut, but with a polished Kevin Elson production and a top quality set of songs, this is way above most releases of the genre.(jez)

Virginia Wolf - St.1986 (AOR) uk

Classic 80's Brit aor featuring the mighty Chris Ousey on vocals and Jason Bonham on drums and a smooth production by Queens Roger Taylor. Finally issued on cd for the first time.Loved this album when it first came out and still love it to this day.10 brilliant songs and not one filler, which is a rarity in itself thesedays.Top tracks for me are 'Make It Tonight' 'Livin' On A Knife Edge' and the mega 'Goodbye Don't Mean Forever'.If you don't yet have this add it to the top of your want list now.(jez)

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Fire - Ignite 2006 (Hard Rock) Malta

Line Up:
Kenneth Calleja- Lead, Backing Vocals
Joseph "Pejxa" Vella- Guitars
Robert Longo- Guitars, Keyboards
Charles Cassar- Bass
Laurence Baldacchino- Drums

Following quickly after the success of Fire's 2009 release Thrill Me, Avenue of Allies (AoA) brings the bands debut work Ignite. A reissue for the band, but a first issue for AoA, Ignite was only published on the band's home turf, the island of Malta. Just like Thrill Me, this disc is unadulterated melodic hard rock, Eighties-style, with a strong emphasis on the rock n roll side of things. Songs like Conspiracy, Get Out of My Way, Taste This, and especially the fantastic Fire Flyer are deliberate rockers that can get your toes tapping and your fist pumping. Then Fire can back off with a subtle groove on Manhunter. A good power ballad isn't far away on Goin Down, showing Fire's ability to inspire rather than soak with saccharine. But, ultimately, Fire is at their best when the combine that spirited rock beat with strong melodies and terrific hooks as on Away for Good or Home and Dry.
Ignite contains two bonus tracks for this reissue: a cover of Bryan Adam's Run to You and a Christmas song, Miss You this Christmas. As to the former it's fine, but it will more likely cause you to want the original. To the latter, it's more sentimental than cheer for Christmas. Overall, Fire's Ignite encapsulates the band's strong beginnings in creating fundamental melodic hard rock. If you liked 2009's Thrill Me, you should definitely add this disc to your collection. Recommended.

Kristine - Modern Love EP (synth pop)

Modern Love
Summer Long Gone
The Danger

 A journey down the 1980′s era where classic powerful vocals meets the modern synthesizer world. We welcome you to Kristine first debut EP ‘Modern Love’
Kristine perfected 1980′s compiled sounds is the reawak
ening to a time where the past was just a memory, kristine makes you relive your wild teenage love years with ‘Summer long gone’ ‘The Danger’ & ‘Modern Love’

 Thank U Robert_AOR

jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

Medicine Wheel - Small Talk (Hard Rock)

For quite some time is the third album of new MEDICINE WHEEL which, unlike the first two discs ("Immoral Fabric", 1997 and "First Things First", 1994) was unfortunately not officially released in Europe. Although guitarist Marc Ferrari (ex-Keel, ex-Cold Sweat) continue making music together with Ray Luzier (drums, etc. DAVID LEE ROTH and Darren Housholder) and Danny Gill (guitar, played with ex-RATT singer Stephen Pearcy at VICIOUS DELITE and made himself now has a good name with guitar audio-books or videos) but with Ian Mayo (including BURNING RAIN, BANGALORE CHOIR and BAD MOON RISING) with a new bassist and David Isaacs (she has collaborated with members of POISON Blues Saraceno and Rikki Rokket brought together) a new singer in the band or get to.


Killer Bee - From Hell And Back 2012 (Hard Rock)

Tommy Skeoch - Freak Bucket (ex-TESLA)

It is always unfortunate to note that a person does poorly. Although I never had personal contact with Tommy Skecoh, former guitarist of the famous big band Tesla, the truth is that the publication of his first solo album is a misstep and dangerous.

After returning to scene with his album Tesla Into The Now, this Californian fell into the misfortune of illegal substances and their intake, a situation that was too much for his teammates, who decided it aside (twice).

The truth is that this "record" is a total disaster and a complete disappointment. He had previously played a few songs on the artist's MySpace, which made me think the worst.

Sure, there was worse to come. This "record" took only four days in a study of Florida, USA, which leaves a lot to think about, because what we are dealing with light years far from being a masterpiece.

On the contrary, it is an offense to good taste, a provocation to the patience of listening, is a real mess.

I am sorry to say this but Skeoch not only lost the compass, I think a lot of sense to taste went with it.

But the album is not only bad musically. Skeoch made the mistake of "sing", an element that only serves to confirm the absolute black hole of the artist.

On the other letters are full of obscenities and swearing, I do not care if people curse, but the truth is that after so madrazo you question, what is the hatred of the world?

Okay we're shit, but most problems have solutions. The most repeated words in this "work" are fuck and mother fucker, that is ...

Well, I can only thank the destination have heard this stuff before you buy, a situation that would have made me say those two words mentioned repeatedly.

And talk about the cover ... well, yes hit Skeoch, hideous album cover for a really scary!

Friends, this is a total disaster. NOT RECOMMENDED. The 10 points are that at least is not a list of covers and artist plays almost all the instruments.