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Hot Wheelz - Demos 198? (Hard Rock) US

Like Party Mix Warrant,Motley Crue.. RECOMMENDED!!!

The Shock - Against The World 1996 (Hard Rock) uk

These lads rock and there's plenty of hooks to keep any rock fan happy here...this album is for fans of the heavier end of the melodic rock scale. The Shock don't immediately relate to any other heavy band out there, but comparisons to early days SKID ROW could be fair. The singer however is not as much of a screamer as Sebastian Bach.(delbert)

Cut Out - For The Night [Single] (Melodic Rock/AOR) Swe 1988

RARE!! Recorded at Studio Tonteknik, Umeå. Produced by Pelle Henriksson. Lyrics by Kaj Wiklund, O. Erixon & CUT OUT).

Andy Susemih - Life Among The Roaches 2007 (Melodic Hard Rock/AOR)

Ex Sinner, UDO guitarist

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Karl Kanga - Fuel Injected Dreams 1989 (Melodic Rock) Sweden

Karl Kanga "Fuel Injected Dreams" CD (CDAM 74) released 1989 in Sweden only on Amalthea. Rare Swedish melodic hard rock. Quality stuff near Andy Taylor's "Thunder"-release in style.13 songs.

Karl Kanga - Hips For Sale 1987 (AOR/Pop) Sweden

Bass - Peter Forsnor
Drums, Producer, Mixed By - J. J. Rooke*
Engineer - Martin Hennel
Guitar - David D. Carlson*
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar - Fjellis*
Keyboards - Annie Bodelson
Mixed By - Jørgen Knub , Mads Nilsson
Saxophone - Jens Haack
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Written-By - Karl Kanga


LIVING DAYLIGHTS: Living daylights (1993) AOR

Very rare female fronted AOR from the USA.
1. Pieces of my heart, 2. Naturally, 3. Merry go round, 4. Madalaine, 5. Fire with fire, 6. All over you, 7. Sliding, 8. Tears, 9. Come tomorrow, 10. Heartbreak town, 11. Crazy world, 12. Damned if you do, 13. Naturally (acoustic).

Loud & Clear - Festival Of Fire 2008 (Melodic Rock/AOR)

LANDSLIDE: Say hello to the night (1990)

Buena banda de Hard Rock. Gracias por el rápido aporte.
1. Say hello to the night, 2. Play to win, 3. Do you know what love is, 4. Tommy, 5. Further from my heart, 6. Keep this feeling alive, 7. Hold me all throught the night, 8. Only when I dream, 9. Sweet little girl, 10. That´s the way I like it, 11. Temptation knocking.

Edit 2008 ,re up 2012

The Lost - St 1991 (Hard Rock) US

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The Heat - Goldfinger 1996 (Melodic Metal)

If you like it hot & heavy, give this band a try. Produced by Mat Sinner, the guitars have his signature crunch, though the overall feel of this album is more melodic than Sinner or Primal Fear. This CD does utilize more power-metal influences than the debut did, however, so those who dislike their metal to have a very hard edge should think twice before picking this one up. But if hard-edged is what you like, you'll be glad to get your sticky little fingers on this power-rockin' puppy.(allen)

Skagarack - A Slice Of Heaven 1990 (AOR) Denmark

TOPPER - Only for the Money 1991 (Hard Rock) US

1. Only for the money, 2. Never say goodbye, 3. Next time around, 4. Born too late, 5. Mistifying, 6. Down the road, 7. Big city, 8. I like it, 9. Heart stood still, 10. Shoud´ve been a fire, 11. Tonight and forever, 12. Somewhere right now, 13. Chance wr gotta take, 14, Miracle. - Re-Post -2008

Zero G - E.Z Come, E.Z Go 1992 (Melodic Metal) South Korea

Very Little ICON.
thank u Monarch

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Jukebox Heroes - St. 1992 (Melodic Rock/AOR) U.S.A

Excellent melodic Aor from the USA that mixes the Scandinavian bouncy Aor sounds of say, Da Vinci or Easy Action and the melodic edge of Hit The Ground Runnin circa "Sudden Impact". Actually considered a bit of a cult classic this one... and rightly so! because these guys definitely have their own sound that makes them stand out from the crowd. Quite rare! Ron Kalista released in 2003 Kalista - Rockrospect.

Judie Tzuke - The Best Of 1983 (AOR/Rock) UK

Judie Tzuke (born Judie Myers, 3 April 1956 in London) is an English singer/songwriter. Her father, Sefton Myers, was a successful property developer who also managed artists and singers—most notably Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice during the writing of Jesus Christ Superstar. Her family relocated from Poland to England in the 1920s, and changed their surname from Tzuke to Myers. When Tzuke embarked on her singing career, she decided to reclaim the family's Polish name. Her mother, Jean Silverside, was a television actress. Tzuke and her husband Paul Muggleton have two children: Bailey, also a singer-songwriter, and Tallula Muggleton-Tzuke. Paul Muggleton also has three children by a previous marriage: Annie Moody Muggleton, who is married to England Rugby star Lewis Moody ; Andy Muggleton and Jamie Muggleton.MORE

Waves - St 1977 (AOR/WESTCOAST)

A1 Moonlight Sympathy 3:33
A2 I'll Come Along 3:00
A3 Take Me There 3:10
A4 Kathy's Song 3:21
A5 Something More Than Nothing 3:50
B1 Back Of Your Mind 3:27
B2 I'd Be Good To You 3:41
B3 Summer Sunday 3:00
B4 Sunshine Feeling 2:46
B5 I Can't Make You Love Me 2:34
B6 Lady Sunshine 3:16

Loudness - Loud 'N' Rare 1991 [Heavy Metal] Jap

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J.C. Mark - Circus Of Love 1991 (AOR) US

Noticed Dave Koz played a few great solos on a couple of the tunes. Has great guitars, nice keyboards and catchy songs. "Need To Love You" sounds a bit like ROBERT TEPPER meets RICK MATTHEWS. "True Lovin' Woman", a great power-ballad with some great guitar riffs. Not an album in the traditional sense, but a collection of well written songs; lyrics and music. This album could have been split into 3 musical directions with the creation of 3 albums instead of the 1 that it is. Talented Artists. (bananna)

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Baltimoore - Original Sin 2000 (Hard Roc) Sweden

BALTIMORE from Sweden are a band for the fans of Glenn Hughes and Deep Purple. Their fifth longplayer "Original sin" contains fast and straight hardrock mixed with melodic heavyrock in the style of old DEEP PURPLE (their fast songs) and modern albums of GLENN HUGHES. Surprising songs are some blues elements (Emancipation), groovin' AOR (Retribution) and some jazz (Superman).

Björn Lodin - guitar, vocals
Thomas Larsson - guitar
Weine Johansson - bass
Lars Pollack - keyboard
Eiron Johansson - drums

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The Heat - St.1994 [Hard Rock]

1.  Bad Attitude  4:23
2.  Unsung Heroes  3:08
3.  Cold Sweat  3:06
4.  When Love Comes Tough  3:48
5.  Runaway  2:36
6.  Had Enough  5:16
7.  Teacher for Your Nights  3:28
8.  Turn It Up  3:25
9.  Here Comes Trouble  4:16
10.  Who Will Be Crying  4:00  

Fortune - Land Of Lounge Lizards 7'' Single (AOR) Sweden


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Cevin Chaflant - Running With The Wind 2006 (Melodic Rock) US

Kevin’s debut solo recording features his signature songwriting sensibilities, a stellar backing band, along with the fan favorites “Love Changes Everything,” “Running With the Wind,” and “Anywhere the Wind Blows.” This Clique Records original was co-produced by Kevin and Chaz Sanford (Stevie Nicks, John Waite) also features Chester Thompson (Genesis) on drums and Willie Weeks (Eric Clapton, George Harrison) on bass. 

Indecent Obsession - Indio 1992 (Hi Tech Pop)

THANK U  "Lostryder"