domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

Sheela - Straight Hearted Ones 2000 (AOR) Germany

This album was uploaded by a blog's reader:
pete form UK.
Thank You Very Much!
I was completely unaware of this German band, and I had a pleasant surprise.
Musically diverse, basically Melodic Hard Rock & AOR, but incorporating some semi-prog arrangements.
Ambitious project, different, not songs-by-numbers at all.
The band takes you by surprise track after track.
Just to name a few, title track is an exciting melodic tour de force, filled with great guitars.
Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home" (also recorded by House Of Lords), has a special treatment, smooth and effective.
"Truth" isn't the typically ballad, dense and obscure.
"Call It Desperation" is a killer, straight to your head smokin' track.
The bonus it's a very funny yourself which song it is (a famous one).
Overall, a very good album, innovative and original.
Tight performances and seamless production.

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