miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

Santiago - Walking The Voodoo Nights 1979 (AOR/Westcoast)

Excellent!! Simply excellent westcoast/aor, country, rock and a little bit of soul is this awesome band conformed with Mario Argandoña on vocals! yes! that guy who sang the song "Brown eyes":
 Wonderful track! from 88.
But the band from 1979 it's amazing: Thjis Van Leer, Paulinho Da Costa, Steve Porcaro, Paco Leiva, etc. Pure Monsters!!. I posted 2 wonderful songs right now, "Berangene" and "Walking the Voodoo Nights". Both songs are amazings!.

Thanks Josef 

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  1. Great album indeed! Even saw them perform live to a very small crowd...