miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

Katella - Shades Of Grey 1995 (Melodic Metal) USA

The client's debut is expected on Katella in U.S. sweet tooth ensure clairaudient ears. "Shades Of Grey" has a barrel filled to the brim (advised if a bit short in time) to melodic U.S. Metal, who after years of beauty sleep in metal nirvana lost none of its fascination. Frickelorgien or bumpy up and down the scales shredding is passe.The complete songs impresses seen through consistent and sometimes very harmonious songwriting through the use of an enormously charismatic voice (often enriched with the second vote) again and again various excursions in the direction of older QUEENSRYCHE leaves. Lens had indeed seen a few more up-tempo brand of "Time Catches Up" or "Sunset Rider" for the sake of change does not hurt, this small flaw, however, remains the only shortcoming of an otherwise all in all worthwhile CD!

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