viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2012

Don Peterson - Person To Person 1983 (Melodic Rock/Pomp Rock) USA

Who knows this ??? Well, I didn't, when I found it at a record convention last year. I knew it from name, but never saw an actually copy of this obscure slice of vinyl. The seller told me this is great pomp rock ala Hybrid Ice....
After hearing it, I'm not completely unanimous with this statement though.
There are some really good pomp rock songs on this lp, but on the other hand theres also weaker melodic hard rock tracks, bit comparable with Lynn Allen.
There are 2 singers, a decent amount of guitars and keys but like I said before, the songwriting is not always Convincing. Anyway, another nice lp to add at your never ending wants lists...happy hunting!. (willy)

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