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Face to Face - St 1992 (Hard Rock) French

This hard rock Fench band plays enjoyable keyboard/guitar driven hard rock. One of the better bands to come out of France. Fans of DR. LOVE, BLACKWHITE, FISC and LOVE MACHINE will dig this one. (delbert)

Everest - Demos 1987 (AOR/Prog Rock/Pomp Rock) Canada

Canadian pompsters who's vinyl debut was quite a collectors item in the early 90's. Then...behold...Germany's,Long Island Records got a hold of the masters and reissued the thing on cd as part of their "Classics" series. Not only that, but they also issued Everests unreleased 2nd album (circa 1985), in the same format. The music itself was good pomp rock/aor that trod the same paths as Saga, and latterly, early Lightspeed.1987 saw vocalist Ric MacDonald exit the band, and new female vocalist Andrea Duncan, join the ranks, but only ever releasing a demo, with the cut "I Don't Know What To Do" ending up on the classic aor compilation, "Hot Night In The City".

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Jimi Jamison & Steve Cox - The MoFo Sessions 1993 (AOR) USA

An unreleased album from 1993 featuring guest appearances
by John Roth, Hal McCormack, Hal Butler and others.recommended!!!

High Voltage - Scheiß Schule (Single) 1983 [Hard Rock] Germany

An absolute rarity! The group to which started Michael Bormann (later - JADED HEART / JR BLACKMORE / RAIN) ...

01. Scheiß Schule
02. Ich sag 'No

High Voltage - Written In Stone 1992/2005 (Hard Rock) US

Average Hard Rock band. Nothing really special here. Best songs are The 7th Day and Fall From Grace and the rest are fillers at best. The guitar playing is not bad. If you can pick this up cheap go for it but don't send big bucks on this. I rate this 5/10 just for the two songs mentioned.(the game)

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Michael O'Brien - Demos 90's (AOR/Melodic Rock) US

Exclusive here !!! ; ) Great solid AOR

 Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_01 I Believe         
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_02 Living For Revenge
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_03 Today Is The Day  
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_04 Long Way To Go    
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_05 Everything To Me  
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_06 Lost In Love      
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_07 Still On My Mind  
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_08 Hold Your Head Up 
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_09 Girl Like You     
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_10 Tonight's The Night
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_11 Wait For You      
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_12 Devil By Night    
Michael O'Brien - Demos 89_13 Every Working Man 


Tora Tora - Red Sun Setting 7'' 1980 (Hard Rock) UK

RARE!!  Red Sun Setting / Highway  

When the guitars came in on this vintage little single, I was surprised by the thought that this might be a uniquely heavy and rocking vintage NWOBHM release. Then the vocals came in and I wasn't so excited anymore... not that they totally suck, but they just drove home the point that this is in actuality a fairly average or sub-par release. The vocalist does not have much of a range, and the lyrics are really dumb rock'n'roll type fare. This is made tolerable by the fact that the guitarwork and riffs, while nothing great, stick to a bluesy-rock'n'roll-Motorhead-esque kind of vibe. I mean at least it fits, some of these old NWOBHM bands have a really lame New Wave/Pop kind of sound to them (see: Radar), which just kinda sucks. The coolest thing about this release, and the thing that excited me for the first few seconds, is the gritty and distorted guitar tone. Raw. Yeah, it sounds pretty cool.. http://www.metal-archives.com/reviews/Tora_Tora/Red_Sun_Setting/82095/

Torah - Demo 1988 (Hard Rock) US

1. Rock and Roll Warriors (4:03)
2. Dreams (3:33)
3. Don't Reign On My Parade (3:43)
4. Pray For The Children (6:04)

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Dr. Love - St. 1994 (Melodic Rock) Francia

Great melodic rock band, who I hesitate to state were French. They sound American, but the band members names, have a decidedly Teutonic ring to them. But definitely a French record label.The vocals are powerful, the songs are hooky, but standout is the guitarwork which rocks.
A good album for fans of Dokken and indie favorite, Jamilya. @

Don Peterson - Person To Person 1983 (Melodic Rock/Pomp Rock) USA

Who knows this ??? Well, I didn't, when I found it at a record convention last year. I knew it from name, but never saw an actually copy of this obscure slice of vinyl. The seller told me this is great pomp rock ala Hybrid Ice....
After hearing it, I'm not completely unanimous with this statement though.
There are some really good pomp rock songs on this lp, but on the other hand theres also weaker melodic hard rock tracks, bit comparable with Lynn Allen.
There are 2 singers, a decent amount of guitars and keys but like I said before, the songwriting is not always Convincing. Anyway, another nice lp to add at your never ending wants lists...happy hunting!. (willy)

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David Kent - St. 1982 (AOR/Pomp) Canada

A mixture of Classic 80s AOR, Pomprock and Radiorock. Some songs sound like ROADMASTER and PRISM, while others are more sounding like a mix between BERNIE LABARGE and MARTIN BRILEY (including the quirky songwOriginal post riting)

Danny Brooks - ...After The Storm 1990 (Classic Rock/Country) Canada

Danny Brooks' active song writing and performing career has spanned almost three decades and has taken him across Canada and into the United States, where Danny has shared the stage with such luminaries as Brownie McGee (who once told Danny "Son fo a white boy, you sho' 'nuf got a tan on the inside), David Wilcox, The Beach Boys, Rik Emmett, Weepin' Willie and others.
Danny's 1990 release, "After the Storm", netted him a Canadian Juno Nomination for "Most Promising Male Vocalist". It's a Southern Thing has also received stellar reviews from RPM, Real Blues, Cub Koda, Blues Editor, All-Music Guide and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's web page.

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Epsylon - Second Round 1989 (Melodic Rock/Hard Rock) Francia

Recorded and mixed through Calren Records (Germany Achim-Schnitzer). Produced by
Lanoia Luc (K.M.P. Records). Edited by C.K.L. Productions. Back photo by J.N. Sirot.
Cover Design by Derika Publicite. Licensed by Two. Distributed by MUSIDISC.

Felice Carbone - Lead vocals
Fred Rochette - Guitar (Fifty One's)
Eric Brochard - Guitar
Herve Sarthou - Bass
Xave Russell - Drums
Rick Renaut - Keyboards

1. Who Are You
2. L.A. Rocks!
3. Place Your Stakes
4. Spyin' On The Princess
5. Sound's Back In Town

6. Shalla Ball And Silver
7. I Want You (Retaking)
8. What Price Glory!
9. Out For Love Again
10. Soldier's Story

Pace - Heavy Metal Will Be Yours 1988 (AOR/Melodic Rock) US

re up mega rare!!

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Domain - Collection 86-92 1995 (AOR) Germany


Sheela - The Process 2003 (AOR) Germany


Sheela - Changes 2004 (AOR) Germany

Sheela - Burned Down 1995 (AOR) Germany

Sheela - Straight Hearted Ones 2000 (AOR) Germany

This album was uploaded by a blog's reader:
pete form UK.
Thank You Very Much!
I was completely unaware of this German band, and I had a pleasant surprise.
Musically diverse, basically Melodic Hard Rock & AOR, but incorporating some semi-prog arrangements.
Ambitious project, different, not songs-by-numbers at all.
The band takes you by surprise track after track.
Just to name a few, title track is an exciting melodic tour de force, filled with great guitars.
Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home" (also recorded by House Of Lords), has a special treatment, smooth and effective.
"Truth" isn't the typically ballad, dense and obscure.
"Call It Desperation" is a killer, straight to your head smokin' track.
The bonus it's a very funny cover...discover yourself which song it is (a famous one).
Overall, a very good album, innovative and original.
Tight performances and seamless production.

Century - This Way To Heaven 1987 (AOR) Sweden