jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Slick Lilly - Brotherhood 1992 (Hard Rock) US

Heard this one was rare (only pressed a few 100). Got mine a few years ago and just pulled it out. Some great hard rock with some Southern rock influences. Won't pick a favorite track cause I like all of them. Won't describe them as sounding like any other band because if all bands sounded alike there would be no point in collecting music at all. happy2849.

Phillip Cassady guitars
Land Daniel bass
Stephen Austin Hanks guitars, all vocals
Carl Rouss drums
1.  House of Lava  
2.  Brotherhood  
3.  Concrete Bones  
4.  Dirty Water  
5.  Compassion Fashion  
6.  Light on the Trail  
7.  Pridelover  
8.  Dejavoodoo Desire  
9.  Cold Inside  
10.  The Way The Wheels Roll  
11.  Three Times As Bad  
12.  Salvation Cantina  
13.  Burnin’ Train  
14.  Gypsy River Dance 

 thanks anonymous friend

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