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Ochsenknecht - St 1992 (AOR) Germany

Pure AOR - Mark Spiro style. Spiro and Michael Thompson had a big hand in the songwriting on this album and it shows...superb hooks and well thought out arrangements that allow Uwe Ochsenknecht's voice to shone through the material nicely. Personal faourites are Affection, I Must Be Blind and Better With A Broken Heart. Undiscovered or overlooked by many an AOR fan, make no mistake...this one is not just a collection filler. Superbly executed AOR. Reccomended. Axe-Machine

1.      Cruel Tears                Cover: Heart
2.      Only One Woman                Cover: Bee Gees
3.      If I Had A Wish                Cover: Jason Scheff
4.      I Must Be Blind     
5.      One Man One Heart                Cover: Kansas
6.      Mid Western Sky     
7.      Turn Me Loose     
8.      Safe Inside My Love     
9.      Affection     
10.      Burns Like Fire     
11.      Better With A Broken Heart

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