miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012

Monkeywalk - St 1992 (Rock/Pop/Indie) US

This passionate, soulful, debut album is chock full of songs reeking of hot sultry nights. Monkeywalk is a Montreal duo comprising the unusual combination of vocalist Bil Ringgenberg and bassist Andrew Frank (augmented in the studio by several guest musicians). Writing most of your songs on bass guitar obviously tends to put emphasis on the rhythm; Monkeywalk's music has a fluid, atmospheric, almost jazzy feel to it, driven by Frank's four-string. Overall, the group's sound is electrified R&B, soul and gospel cooked up with Great White North pop influences. At the heart of Monkeywalk's interesting blend is the startlingly deep, moving vocals of Ringgenberg, who sounds almost like a black Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies).allmusic.com

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