viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

Anatomic - In For The Thrill 2000 (Melodic Hard Rock) US 320

 Here's the scene: You're back in 1988... well, that's it. You're back in 1988. This album sounds straight out of that era (which is a good thing, IMHO). If you were to pop it into a player and have people guess when it came out, no one, and I mean NO ONE would guess 2000. This is vintage '80s hard rock. The lead vocalist has a voice that seems like it would be more suited to sleaze glam, but this is first-class melodic hard rock. Very melodic stuff, full of hooks and radio friendly. Very easy to listen to and find your self humming along to the music. Any number of tracks on the album sound like they could have been top hits in the late 1980s.
Solid musically, with good arrangements. The choruses are excellent, pretty much of a gang-style chorus. Both the ballads and the heavier rocking numbers are carried off well; the heavier material has a good "crunch" to it. If I have one criticism it's that in places it sounds a little "low budget" and seems like a few rough edges could be filed down a bit more... I'm splitting hairs here. The bottom line is that this is an excellent album and it has a high "replay" factor going for it; you don't get tired of the disc. Get it now! Dan

Ryan Freeman lead vocals, rhythm guitars
Johnny Rowland lead and rhythm guitars
Jason Michael Eldredge drums, percussion
J.J.Goncz bass guitar

1.      Until You're Gone     
2.      Drift Away     
3.      Deep End     
4.      Out of My Heart     
5.      Make It Real     
6.      Goodbye Today     
7.      Livin' a Lie     
8.      Hate to Say Goodbye     
9.      The Price     
10.      Power of the Heart     
11.      Make It Real acoustic

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