sábado, 14 de julio de 2012

Wild Frontier - Bite The Bullet 2007 (Melodic Rock) Germany

Classic German Melodic Rock in the style of Shylock, Shakra and Bonfire. In 1990, the prime of hard rock, Jens Walkenhorst, Mario Erdmann, Markus Koch and Markus Linne decided to found a hard rock band called Wild Frontier . The bands name is derived from Gary Moore´s album “Wild Frontier”, which was released in 1987. The songs of the band were also in the style of Gary Moore`s music , hard rock with an emphasis on guitars, and focusing on a more melodic touch. The first regional live appearances produced amazing success. In the progress the band is reinforced by another guitar player, Detlef Hönig. In turn, Mario Erdmann had to take a temporary leave due to health reasons. He was substituted by Alfons Steier. Back then, the band was working on new material for their first CD and had their first ever TV appearance. Suddenly things were moving along pretty quickly. After the release of the “One Way To Heaven” album, many live appearances all over Germany and Hungary followed.

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