martes, 10 de julio de 2012

Shokkher - Always Hungry 2010 (Hair Metal/Glam) US

Here's another band that goes between heavy metal and hard rock, glam metal that line the 80.
This debut album from this American band called Shokkher, formed by: Dan "Fuckin 'Johnston - Lead Vocals, Alex" Caveman "Rivera - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Niels" White Lightning "Vilhelmsen - Lead Guitar, Jake Tate - Bass, Aldo "Undress" Ortega - Drums, Backing Vocals. Titled "Always Hungry" and released independently, trying to show their sound on 10 tracks.
Well, I understand the fact of being an independent band and the difficulty often a good production, but here the guitars left to be desired, the rest is acceptable.
Too bad the band has a weak singer, the sound is well done up, and 80 years in line with all the cliches imaginable, but the singer makes me feel hungry for best vocals, pardon the pun, but with a vocalist most appropriate the band stand out among so many more of the style that exist out there.
The cd has some cool riffs and solos, a shame the vocal sound forced vocal imitation glam rock of the 80s, so it has to understand the subject.
Unfortunately it was not this time I can commend the work of the band as I wanted, but I am a fair person, and ask that they give their own opinion.(

 Thank U glamhellraiser

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