lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

Metro All Stars - ANight At The Prom. 1984 (Lite AOR)

Minneapolis/St. Paul band The Metro All Stars (later changing their name to The Metros) were featured on Star Search, winning once before losing the following week. A Night At The Prom's side one was recorded Live at The Prom Center. Side Two was recorded at Cookhouse Studios in Minneapolis.Released on Waterhouse Records and produced by Paul J. Moe.
I was turned on to them when they were called The Metros, After The Passion's Gone from 1986's self-titled disc is a classic New Wave cut. This record has garnered the most positive response with the people I shared it with. Produced by Tommy West and Warren Peterson it was recorded in Tennessee and released on MTM Records, distributed by Capitol Records.

Metro All Stars:
Andy Bailey - Keyboards/Vocals
Dusty Cox - Saxophone/ Keyboards
Andy Gauthier - Drums
Jody Hanks - Vocals
Danny Mangold - Guitar
Larry Stock - Bass/Vocal

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