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Jay Seever - No More Money1994 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Germany

JAY SEEVER was the lead vocalist of the cult AOR Band: DOMINOE. On his solo album we can hear a melodic rockstyle that follows the style created by DOMINOE! Sounded in the vein of DAYTONA, DOMINOE, FAIR WARNING and JOJO! (trendfabrik)

 1. No more money
2. Senses
3. Never stop a lover
4. Heaven is for heroes
5. Lorraine
6. Follow your dreams
7. Dont cry fro love
8. Beverly hills
9. Secret love
10.Thats what you re looking for
11.The Dominoe history

 Jay Seever (Joerg Sieber) - Lead Vocals (Dominoe)
Robert Papst - Guitars, Bass (Dominoe)
Ed Straker - Keyboards, BG Vocals
Chris Birowsky - Drums, Percussion (Dominoe)
Henner Malecha - Bass (Dominoe)
Angie Layne - BG Vocals
Guenther Skitschak - Guitar
Andi Susemihl - Guitar
Willy Astor - Guitar
Tony Lakatosch - Sax
Andy Slavik - Hammond, Piano
Rainer R. Lorenz -  Piano
Rainer Heudecker - Drums
Bob Rozanc - BG Vocals
Dan Lucas - BG Vocals

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