domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

Helter Skelter - Demo 1993 (Hard Rock) US,LA

HELTER SKELTER is to play the traditional 80's rock LA
As a commercial pop rock band, it was top-class band.
In Hollywood, the band was formed in the late 1980s,
Foursome consisting of (Ds) Scott Terrell (Vo), MIchael Lawrence (G), Bobby Stevens (B), Brian Joseph.
In 1990 already, in the local scene seems to have been made ??to the band have a reputation to live.
To introduce two of their demo, "You Belong With Me" the first demonstration of this is an appropriate song to adorn the opening,
Catchy chorus and strong melody, memorable guitar playing, etc. Michael,
HELTER SKELTER is so much it makes you know that you have a black Riti different from other bands already.
"Hollywood" but the first track and the song of the same tendency, unexpected Rashikara this LA band also, surprising melody excellent work to high.
"Sinsational" is finished to a hard edge and more sophisticated production. At the time of the release of this demo, the band had was the height of the quality so show me the history and activity similar to POISON and WARRANT.
Unique sense of HELTER SKELTER was suffering even more polished in the second demonstration.
Such as "Candy Store" is reminiscent of and STRYPER.
Assembly of the melody is great, even "Alone", was a pop sensation ... pretty.
In "Send Me An Angel", the sound of the wind type AOR fan favorite gem is especially unbearable.
Band so I do not know what this band did not get the contract, why, had to play the music of Japanese taste.
Text by Yoshiki Igarashi

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