domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Character - St 2010 (Melodic Prog Hard Rock) US

01- Stranger
02 - Ready For It All
03 - I Am Waiting To Do (featuring Stevie Blaze of Lillian Axe) 04 - Nowhere To Be Found
05 - The Best Is Yet To Come
06 - Dara
07 - I Know I Can Make It
08 - When You're Away
09 - Pawn In The Game
10 - Last Goodbye
11 - Too Far Gone
12 - School's Out, Summer's In
13 - Stranger (demo)
14 - Ready For It All (demo)
15 - I Am Waiting To Do (acoustic mix)

 Lee Foster/ Dan Ahrman - Vocals
Chris Dunnett - Guitar & Keyboards
Curt Hanks - Bass
Brian Hurst - Drums

Character was originally formed by myself and drummer Jim Russell. Ironically, we got the name of the band off the back of a whiskey bottle. We were looking for a simple name that had class and style and could develop into various images. We were reading the ingredients and saw the word. So Character was born. That version was primarily a recording project and never performed but did pen most of the songs on the “Running For Success” demo. That version of Character went thru various singers and bassists and eventually folded. I ended up joining a band called The Seventh Seal and was with them while my ideas for Character waited til I found the right players.
Enter drummer Brian Hurst. Brian was a regular customer at the record store I was working at. I found bassist Curt Hanks by answering an add for another drummer that wanted to play heavier thrash metal. Neither Curt nor I wanted to and I told him about Brian. All we needed was a singer. Lee “Gypsy” Foster and I had played in my first band Salem. I knew he had the voice for what we needed so Character was re-born. This was the main line up for the band. However, as with most bands, Character was not without personality differences and eventually Lee left mutually. Around the same time, Curt decided to move to Florida. We went thru a few bassists and singers before stabilizing with Dan Ahrman on vocals and Derrick Hughes on bass. What you hear on this CD is actually both versions of Character.
Character garnered much praise in the way of press and radio play in Germany, Italy, Japan, Greece, The U.K. and the US. The track “I Am Willing To Do” was co-produced by my friend Stevie Blaze of Lillian Axe and also features him on back up vocals. We even recorded a Lillian Axe tune that never made it on any of their records, “Last Goodbye”. Character was on a roll and things were looking good as labels were taking interest etc…then came Grunge, end of story. Life goes on but often bands don’t. I am however very thankful for the memories of Character and thrilled to have FnA Records finally releasing this material worldwide. To this it harbors some of my favorite guitar work and writing. I hope you enjoy it.
-- -- Chris Dunnett

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