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BIG RAT: Big rat (1993)

1. Heavy Metal dynamite, 2. Cat´s go pussy, 3. Sexy lady, 4. Dreamer, 5. Bad bad boys, 6. Rock me baby, 7. Far away from my home, 8. Lady confusion, 9. Strongest of our kind, 10. Carry me home.

Poster - Despues del Frio 1991 (Colombia)

01- El Arte de Amarte ,02- Edenia ,03- En El Medio,04- No Te Alejes Mas ,05- Subete ,06- Encadenado a Tu Libertad,07- Vida Ilegal ,08- Parado en La Torre ,09- Toda una Vida ,10- Pueblo

Tin Gods - Cosmetics EP 1988 (AOR/Pop) UK

Tin Gods is (still there) a UK band that released an album in the '80s but never released, they just released the EP / maxi single "Cosmetics" (1987-1988).
He believed that had the EP but actually I have the disc that never edit (unreleased) containing the tracks of the EP.
The sound is a bit uneven but for a 'unreleased' is more than good. It's a rarity that I do not like much, but some songs are good wave Cult in its early seasons.
Thank U Camelblue

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Louise Goffin's - This Is The Place 1988 (AOR/Westcoast)

Louise is Carole King's daughter. Just a little bit of talent in those genes.
Louise Goffin eponymous 1979 first album counted with some extra support of renowned fellow musicians living in LA area at that time as Don Henley, Linda Ronstadt, David Paich , Steve Lukather, mike Porcaro , and old time friends Danny Kortchmar and Russ kunkell and Waddy Watchtel ,,ahhh! i almost forgot to the late Andrew Gol. (myryckyz)
Thank u  Doug Monson

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Character - St 2010 (Melodic Prog Hard Rock) US

01- Stranger
02 - Ready For It All
03 - I Am Waiting To Do (featuring Stevie Blaze of Lillian Axe) 04 - Nowhere To Be Found
05 - The Best Is Yet To Come
06 - Dara
07 - I Know I Can Make It
08 - When You're Away
09 - Pawn In The Game
10 - Last Goodbye
11 - Too Far Gone
12 - School's Out, Summer's In
13 - Stranger (demo)
14 - Ready For It All (demo)
15 - I Am Waiting To Do (acoustic mix)

 Lee Foster/ Dan Ahrman - Vocals
Chris Dunnett - Guitar & Keyboards
Curt Hanks - Bass
Brian Hurst - Drums

Character was originally formed by myself and drummer Jim Russell. Ironically, we got the name of the band off the back of a whiskey bottle. We were looking for a simple name that had class and style and could develop into various images. We were reading the ingredients and saw the word. So Character was born. That version was primarily a recording project and never performed but did pen most of the songs on the “Running For Success” demo. That version of Character went thru various singers and bassists and eventually folded. I ended up joining a band called The Seventh Seal and was with them while my ideas for Character waited til I found the right players.
Enter drummer Brian Hurst. Brian was a regular customer at the record store I was working at. I found bassist Curt Hanks by answering an add for another drummer that wanted to play heavier thrash metal. Neither Curt nor I wanted to and I told him about Brian. All we needed was a singer. Lee “Gypsy” Foster and I had played in my first band Salem. I knew he had the voice for what we needed so Character was re-born. This was the main line up for the band. However, as with most bands, Character was not without personality differences and eventually Lee left mutually. Around the same time, Curt decided to move to Florida. We went thru a few bassists and singers before stabilizing with Dan Ahrman on vocals and Derrick Hughes on bass. What you hear on this CD is actually both versions of Character.
Character garnered much praise in the way of press and radio play in Germany, Italy, Japan, Greece, The U.K. and the US. The track “I Am Willing To Do” was co-produced by my friend Stevie Blaze of Lillian Axe and also features him on back up vocals. We even recorded a Lillian Axe tune that never made it on any of their records, “Last Goodbye”. Character was on a roll and things were looking good as labels were taking interest etc…then came Grunge, end of story. Life goes on but often bands don’t. I am however very thankful for the memories of Character and thrilled to have FnA Records finally releasing this material worldwide. To this it harbors some of my favorite guitar work and writing. I hope you enjoy it.
-- -- Chris Dunnett

Character - Check Mate 1995 (Melodic Prog Hard Rock) US

The instrumental rock group Character began as a side project for its members when it was formed in Nashville, TN, in 2001. Guitarist William Tyler was a member of Lambchop; theremin and pedal steel guitar player Luke Schneider was in Lylas; and guitarist Dave Paulson sang with the Privates. The sextet was completed by keyboardist and guitarist Ryan Norris, Eric Williams (grandson of country musician Merle Kilgore) on bass, and Scott Martin on drums. After first playing together at Williams' house in Nashville in the spring of 2001, they recorded an EP, A Flashing of Knives and Green Water, released by Set International Records in February 2002. Gradually, the band became a main focus for the players, and Fictitious Records, co-owned by engineer/producer Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo, Sleater-Kinney, Lou Reed, Josh Rouse, Beulah), became interested, first issuing a 7" single and then, on November 16, 2004, Character's first full-length album, We Also Create False Promises, which the band accompanied by its first national tour.

Dare - B-Sides 2005 (AOR) UK

Big House - Pretty Things EP 1990 (Hard Rock/Glam) USA

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Roadmaster - Sweet Music 1978 (Pomp Rock/AOR) US

SWEET MUSIC’ was Roadmaster’s second album, a record that was originally issued in 1978 on the Mercury label, and has regarded as arguably the high point of their career. Certainly, the album is amongst the top pomp rock albums of all time, rubbing shoulders with the likes of similar work by Styx, Starcastle, Kansas and Trillion; the epitome of melodic AOR, with a touch of progressive rock thrown in for good measure.
Formed in the comparatively laid back environs of Indianapolis and featuring Steven McNally’s totally unique vocals, Rick Benick’s blazing guitar work and Michael Read’s dazzling keyboard flourishes, ‘Sweet Music’ pushes the pomp rock boundaries to the outer limits of the solar system. One listen to tracks such as ‘It Doesn’t Mean A Thing’, Been Gone To Long’, ‘Higher Higher’ and the anthemic climax of the title track will have you hooked for life.
24-bit remastering from original source tapes, 3,500 word essay about the making of the album, band involvement and additional photos spread out over a 16 page full colour booklet.

Track Listing: 1. It Doesn’t Mean A Thing 2. I Must Be Dreaming 3.Ya Move Me 4. Been Gone Too Long 5. I’ll Be Lovin’ You 6. The Swan Song 7. You Come See Me
8. Higher Higher 9. Circle Of Love 10. Sweet Music 


The V-Project - Lost Demos 1995 (AOR)(Feat. Robin Mcauley & James Christian)

A Dave Vaccaro project with a little help from his friends, (ex-Grand Prix/Far Corporation/MSG vocalist Robin McAuley, ex-Dillinger vocalist Christopher Post, ex-House Of Lords vocalist James Christian, and Slam Factory vocalist Dennis Gresham.
On Lost Demos, David Vaccaro's V-Project brings forth a great collection of acoustic/rock tracks of previously unreleased songs from some of Rocks best. Featuring performances by platinum selling vocalists Robin McAuley, James Christian, and more.
On Lost Demos, David Vaccaro's V-Project brings forth a great collection of acoustic/rock tracks of previously unreleased songs from some of Rocks best. Featuring performances by platinum selling vocalists Robin McAuley, James Christian, and more.

Robin McAuley lead vocals #'s 1- 6
Christopher Post lead vocals # 8 & 9
James Christian lead vocals # 10
Dennis Gresham lead vocals # 7
Dave Vaccaro guitars

  1. Only Friend (McAuley/Vaccaro/Post) 5:52
  2. I'm Feeling It Now (McAuley/Vaccaro/Post) 4:03
  3. The Good Times (McAuley/Vaccaro) 4:52
  4. Can't Wait Any Longer (McAuley/Vaccaro/Post) 4:55
  5. Be There For You (McAuley/Vaccaro) 5:06
  6. When I'm Drunk (McAuley/Vaccaro) 3:37
  7. Coupe Deville (Vaccaro/Gresham/Post) 3:36
  8. Trippin' Away (Vaccaro/Post) 4:45
  9. All Over Again (Vaccaro/Post) 4:48
10. Rattle Your Cage (Micheev/Vaccaro/Krasn) 8:00

Listen Here

Black sheep - Sacrifice (EP) 1998 (Heavy Metal)

1 Love's Not Enuff
2 Someone Like U
3 Love Warrior
4 Which Side R/U On

Thank U Darksnaider

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Dr. Shivago - First Treatment 1994 (Hard Rock)

A really ghastly cover, but the musical content on this first album from the Vienna based band DR. SHIVAGO is completely worth to listen. Those four songs are a fabulous balance from throughout very crispy tracks and scanty ballad grooves, carried by Roman Mozelt’s “dirty” vocals (a mixture of Tom Keifer and Steve Lee). Anyone who’s into bands like GOTTHARD, VICTORY or (the harder without Blues-influences) CINDERELLA can put this album without any doubt into the collection! (Charly Kogler)


Wishing Well - Bet I Get Your Love 1994 (Melodic Hard Rock) 320@

Here's one of the rarest cds i ever offered, along with Gambit, Chainbreaker and Bandit, this german indie is pretty much impossible to find, i have NEVER seen it on Ebay, chances are it won't! I only have one copy of this one, so yeah, when its gone, its gone for good. Highly recommended! (

Listen Here

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Vanity - Are You Wild Enough 1995 (Melodic Hard Rock) Grecce

This band tries in vain to deliver that classic hair-metal sound, but the low-energy choruses & lack of backing vocals work against them. However, if all you want to hear is some killer guitars, that's one area in which this band delivers. You could do worse than add to this CD to your collection, but overall, it lacks the punch to really stand out. With louder choruses to go along with the kickin' axe-work, this band would have been good enough to wholeheartedly recommend.(allen)

DZ Stanz - Brimstone and fire (Hard Rock) US

A indie classic in its own right, great songs. Highly recommended cd.

Listen Here

Wild Machine - II 2012 (Hard Rock/Glam Metal) Greece

01. Straight To Hell
02. Teez Teezah
03. Addicted
04. Gimme Action
05. Nasty, Oild 'N' spoild
06. Dirty Motel Room
07. Suicide
08. Viciouz Luv
09. Star Attraction

320k/80mb/MP3/Hard Rock/Glam Metal /Greece

Jay Seever - No More Money1994 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Germany

JAY SEEVER was the lead vocalist of the cult AOR Band: DOMINOE. On his solo album we can hear a melodic rockstyle that follows the style created by DOMINOE! Sounded in the vein of DAYTONA, DOMINOE, FAIR WARNING and JOJO! (trendfabrik)

 1. No more money
2. Senses
3. Never stop a lover
4. Heaven is for heroes
5. Lorraine
6. Follow your dreams
7. Dont cry fro love
8. Beverly hills
9. Secret love
10.Thats what you re looking for
11.The Dominoe history

 Jay Seever (Joerg Sieber) - Lead Vocals (Dominoe)
Robert Papst - Guitars, Bass (Dominoe)
Ed Straker - Keyboards, BG Vocals
Chris Birowsky - Drums, Percussion (Dominoe)
Henner Malecha - Bass (Dominoe)
Angie Layne - BG Vocals
Guenther Skitschak - Guitar
Andi Susemihl - Guitar
Willy Astor - Guitar
Tony Lakatosch - Sax
Andy Slavik - Hammond, Piano
Rainer R. Lorenz -  Piano
Rainer Heudecker - Drums
Bob Rozanc - BG Vocals
Dan Lucas - BG Vocals

Merri Hoaxx - Never Jokes 2012 (Hard Rock/Hair Metal)

25 years and FINALLY - the MERRI HOAXX CD is now available!!
Joel Ellis and Demon Doll Records are proud to present one of the greatest underground Hair Metal bands with their first CD release ever!! The 9 song effort 'Never Jokes' was well worth the wait as the band absolutely slays the genre with big time hooks that will leave you speechless.
Pulled straight from the Atlantic Records sessions from 1986, this is as genuine and rare as it gets!! This band should have been huge and when you hear the first should have been radio smash "The Last Days Of Autumn" - we think you will agree. There is no doubt in our minds that if this had somehow found its way to MTV, it would have been spinning right alongside Dokken, Ratt and the Crue!
Jam packed with scorching guitars from Denny Holan and the ferocious signature Joel Ellis vocals, screams and obstinate gyrations - the songs on the disc aim to please. One spin and you'll be hooked! From the opener "Talkin To Myself" through the hits "Let It Go", "Radio" and "Just For Ol' Times Sake” to the amazing album closer "I'm Ready" - Merri Hoaxx simply deliver a masterpiece (which also includes the lyrics and a band biography written by Joel Ellis himself).
For the people that have never heard Merri Hoaxx, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you check this out and get your hands on a copy immediately!
There was a little magic in the air in 1987 and somewhere between Bon Jovi and Whitesnake, Merri Hoaxx will finally find their deserving spot in history and we could not be more proud to present it to you.
This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from Joel Ellis and is exclusively available @
This album is dedicated to the late great guitar hero - Denny Holan - may you rest in peace and thank you for creating such amazing music for all of us to finally

Thank U }{eavy

Shotgun Alli - St 1993 (Hair Metal) US

VERY VERY RARE INDIE,..1. Only One/2. Heaven/3. So Alive/4. Time/5. Fly

192k/34mb/MP3/Hair Metal/USA (NJ)

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Nuket - On Maantiellä Mittaa 1988 (Melodic Rock) Finlandia

Nuket on vuonna 1985 perustettu tamperelainen rock-yhtye, joka syntyi Pyhät nuket –yhtyeen solistimuutoksen seurauksena.
Yhtyeen säveltäjä ja sanoittaja Risto "Rike" Jokela on soittanut kummassakin yhtyeessä.
TV-ohjaajana hän on saanut Venlan mm. Firma -sarjastaan.

Uusimmassa kokoonpanossa ja uusimmalla levyllä kitaristina toiminut Daffy Terävä on soittanut Yö –yhtyeen nykyisessä kokoonpanossa vuodesta 2000 alkaen.
Vuonna 2007 Nuket –rumpaleista Ari Toikka liittyi saman Yö –yhtyeen kokoonpanoon.
Colme Cowboyta albumilla ”Kuuden tähden hotelli” soittaa miltei koko Nuket –yhtyeen kokoonpano Rike Jokelaa lukuun ottamatta.
Timpa Laine on toiminut mm. Hanoi Rocks –yhtyeen basistina.

Thank U darksneider

Tanna - Singles 80's (Melodic Rock) Finland


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Into The Fire - More Than Ever 1994 (Hard Rock) 320@

Awesome cd ! Incredible how these kind of cds still are to be discovered in the great early nineties. All the 4 tracks are VERY GOOD - highly recommended!! Destined to be one of those collectors items that everybody wants ! - Oh ... did i mention how rare it is ? :)

Listen Here

my rip 320@ ONLY HERE!

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Coastland Ride - On Top Of The World 2011 (Melodic Rock/AOR)320@

Great new work by Swedish Melodic Rock Grupazo tinged WestCoast. An album full of energy, choruses and melodies. A pleasant surprise for the ears. Highly recommended.

From The Fire - Demos 1992 (AOR) US

Classy AOR brilliantly!! Great AOR very much like Strangeway / Drive She Said / Tour De Force / Tradia / Valentine..

 01 Evil Men Do / 02 Stage Fright / 03 Alone / 04 Madman

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From the Fire - Thirty Days and Dirty Nights 1992 (AOR) US 320@

Great east coast AOR group for fans of bands like Tour De Force, Tradia and Valentine. 

Almost Human - No Reason 1996 (Melodic Rock/AOR/Indie) 320@

This one blew me away the first times i heard it :) - it will easily bring a smile to any hard rock\aor loving fan. Highest quality indie on so many wantlists, here's your chance to grab this hyper rare jewel of a cd...
Listen Here

ONLY HERE !!! My Rip 320@

Hardline - Double Eclipse 1992/2010 (Melodic Hard Rock)(Edition Jap.) 320@


Gypsy Harbor - No Such Thing 1998 (Hard Rock) US

Girl-crazy, party metal at its finest here. Gotta love any band that writes lyrics like "I won't beat around your bush" and "there's no such thing as too much sex". Vocalist sounds like a cross between Bret Michaels of Poison and the dude from Roxx Gang. Musically, this is well well produced, summertime glam with the same catchy riffs from the first two Poison CDs or Southgang's "Tainted Angel". The guys in the band have the total late 80s rocker look which fits hand-in-glove with their sound.(koogles)

Cherry Monroe -The Good,The Bad,The Beautiful 2005 (Alt Hard Rock)

Listen Here

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Swingin' Thing - Desperate Living 2009 (Hard rock)

The ultimate Swingin' Thing collection 'Desperate Living' is finally available!
Do you want your Swingin' Thing album with the hits Avenue Boys & Let's Do With The Lights On? Well we have it!
We have the original 5 song album remastered plus 13 more classic cuts including "Coconut Cream", "Pump", "I Want Your Body", "Precious", "Better Left Unsaid" and many more! 'Desperate Living' encompasses every debauchery filled era of Swingin' Thing from 1989 to 1994.
This is hands down the best Swingin' Thing compilation money can buy, This masterpiece is silver pressed with 18 classic cuts (hand picked by the band). And of course the boys are offering up one more never released song entitled, "Show You What I Got" and after 75 minutes of pure Sunset Strip decadence, you'll know what they mean!

James Young - Out on a Day Pass 1993 (Hard Rock)

 James Young guitarrista STYX,este es uno de sus 3 album solista,recomendado.
 1. Top of the World 2. Maggie 3. Toys for American Boys 4. Dark Side: The Contrary Nature of Man 5. Out on a Day Pass 6. Love Me Tonight 7. Doctor on Call 8. Young Man 9. The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall 3:55

Southern Gentlemen - 2008 - Valley Of Fire

Link ok ;-)

Kai Olsson - Crazy Love 1979 (AOR/Westcoast)

Beautiful LP from the Nigel's Sister, it's mostly country Folk with a lot of aor influences, one of the best ballard it's called "Bishops & Queens".(aorwcmoderngospel)

Candy Harlots - Five Wicked Ways 1992 (Sleaze/Hard Rock) US

Good rockin' sleaze!..Like Roxus

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Glen Burtnick - Demos (AOR) US

Glen Burtnik (born April 8, 1955) is a singer, songwriter, entertainer and multi-instrumentalist, best known as a former member of Styx. The spelling of his name has changed a few times over the years (born Glenn Burtnick, then changed to Glen Burtnick, and finally Glen Burtnik, spelled with one N, no C). More