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Driver - Driver (Demo) USA 1990 Hard Rock

Driver is an awesome band that should have been signed for global distribution.  This EP is a great collection of melodic
heavy metal tunes. The EP was a demo released in 1990. It includes:

I'm a Warrior
Heart's On Fire
Only Love Can Save Me Now
Fly Away
I Believe In Love
(A sixth song from these sessions, Tears that I cry, remains unreleased.)

"Warrior" was a song originally written by Rob Rock & Chris Impellitteri when they were writing songs for the original
Impellitteri demo EP in 1987.
The song "Warrior" was also recorded by Rob's Driver (released on the Album Network Tune Up Unsigned #10 promotional CD,
dated September 25, 1989, re-titled I'm a Warrior). In 1994, Rob Rock and Chris Impellitteri took the song with Impellitteri
and they recorded it for their Answer To The Master album,under the title song "Warrior", out on JVC-Victor Entertainment,
Japan and Music For Nations in Europe.

Driver is:

      Rob Rock : vocals 
      Roy Z : guitar
      Emil Lech Brando : bass (ex-Joshua, etc.)
      Greg Shultz : keyboards (ex-Joshua)
      Butch Carlson : drums (ex-Sahara, Joey Tafolla.)

Warrior, Fly Away & I Believe In Love engineered and mixed by Mikey Davis.
Heart's On Fire, Only Love Can Save Me Now (& presumably Tears that I cry) produced, mixed, and engineered by Paul Sabu.
Executive Producer was Holly Thrasher.

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Here Rock On !!

Superbanda - SUPERHEROES (Memo Aguirre)


Lo'ko She-Bang ! - Time Changes 1990 (AOR) Netherlands

JULYA LO'KO of Moluccan-Indonesian origin, is one of the most gifted singers in Holland. She has an incredible range and is capable of singing soul, rock, country, jazz, classical music and pop. She has recorded and performed with the likes of Billy Preston, guitarist Jan Akkerman (Focus), the French band "Niagara", Mathilde Santing, Roberta Flack and Dionne Warwick.
She started singing with her first rockband in 1974 and made an album with LABYRINTH in 1986: a project by Julya Loko, Cesar Zuiderwijk (drummer Golden Earring) and Jasper van 't Hog
She made a very nice 6-track album in 1990 with her own band "Lo'ko She Bang" for Polygram. The latter was produced by George Kooymans of "Golden Earring" and contained two hit-singles.
Thank U Aorheart.Check Video