miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Used Records - Same 1994 (Aor)

I wasn't so impressed on this one as i decided to track it down after hearing some good comments about it,a matter of tastes i guess but IMO this is simple and plain AOR with some songs having Huey Lewis & The News and also 38 Special as main influences,not a complete waste of album but not to go and kill your mama to have it ...some decent tracks are "Three Way Heartbreak","Fly Like The Wind","Hard Enough To Love Her","A Way To Know","Modern Ways" & the bonus track "Sometimes Wrong"..


sábado, 12 de mayo de 2012

David A. Saylor - City Of Angels 2012 (AOR) UK

Influence of bands like Asia, Journey, Boston, Foreigner, Survivor.En 1987 David co-formed the band PUSH (uk). Never turned his back to rock melodic choruses contributed the following albums: Atlantic "Power" Siam "Language of Menace" and Riot "Wraith". In 2010 was born the original demos made ​​by Push UK entitled "Strange World" officially released on CD by AOR BLVD Records in London. David A Saylor and 'City Of Angels' presents a majestic solo album for any lover of the genre seriously pure AOR! . Session vocalist professional writer, music producer and vocal arranger.

Various Artists - Rare Single Collection Vol 01 to 13 (Melodic Rock/AOR!)

Vol 04 / 09 out!

Europe - Live Look At Eden (Bonus Dvd,Mp3) 2011

11. Last Look At Eden (London Roundhouse) 4:02
12. No Stone Unturned (London Roundhouse) 5:52
13. New Love In Town (London Roundhouse) 3:36
14. Rock The Night (London Roundhouse) 7:25
15. The Beast (London Roundhouse) 3:30

MP3 / 256@

martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

The Nuns - Desperate Children 1990 (Melodic Rock) 256@ USA

Two guys... two gals... and one other member not included in the band shot on the rear cover. I heard these guys compared to Vxn... I don't think so! Its a right mish mash of different styles ranging from Poison Dollys style hard pop rock, hard rock with a Goth/Psyche feel, and some melodic rock with naff male vocals. But I like this: particularly the female led tunes.But then I have a fairly eclectic taste in music. If you don't...approach with extreme caution!It seems The Nuns were actually formed in the late 70's and were a punk rock band, releasing an album in 1980 (Thank You HOMERO 69)

Grand Slam - Inside Or Outside 1993 (Hard Rock) Japan

Albums like this, Tanner and Ladies Room shit me. This is absolutely top class, awesome riff driven melodic hard rock, but I don't know what's being sung! The music on this is so superb and worth keeping for fans of hard rock music, and some of the choruses are in English, but the majority of this is in Japanese, which I don't understand, so can therefore not appreciate it for what it's truly worth. Killer music and recommended for those who understand Japanese.geoff
link keeper

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David Roberts - The Demo Collection Disc 1 & 2 (Westcoast/AOR/Melodic Rock)

You already know, the owner of the best AOR album of all time "All Dressed Up" in 1982, but now with the demos that were not included in that album and some recorded since the early 80s until 2008, exccepción "Stay With Me Tonight".

RE UP / DISC 01 & DISC 02 

Portrait - St 1990 (Hard Rock)


Player - Lost In Reality 1996 (WestCoast AOR)


The Nuns - Rumania 1986 (New Wave) Usa


Honeymoon Suite - HMS Live 2005 (AOR) Canada

As for "HMS Live" DVD, the quality is awful! Moreover, it seems that Johnnie lost his voice! It doesn’t look like singing! He just screams! During the concert he walks from one part of stage to another one, so that looks very silly and unprofessional! I think they should better release on DVD any of their live from 80’s. That would be great! (Mr.Pumpkin)

Steel Breeze - Heart On The Line 1983 (AOR) US

Ric Jacobs is not the vocalist on this one. It's KEVIN CHALFANT, freshly de-planed from 707. Style-wise, more of the 707 "Mega Force" Survivor-esque AOR, which makes this the best of the 4 Steel Breeze releases(koogles)

viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Argus - St. "EP" 1983 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Germany

Ultra Very Rare ...!!!

Argus - St. 1993 (Hard Rock) USA

Good hard rock band with some Black Sabbath type riffs. The lead guitar of Aylor and Enriquez is outstanding and worth tracking down for alone. Definitely one for the shred freaks! A rare vinyl ep.(aor-fm)

Shanghai'd Guts - With Love From St. Pauli 1990 (Hard Rock/Sleaze) Germany

TY Jonrocker

Hollywood Trix - St 1987 (Hard Rock/Glam) USA

Like mix Motley Crue & Ratt

707 - Megaforce 1982/2004 "Reissue" + Bonus (Melodic Rock)

Kevin Russell-Guitarra y voces/Tod Howarth- Teclados, guitarra rítmica/Phil Bryant-Bajo y voces/Jim Mc Clarty-Batería/Kevin Chalfant-voz

11-Eagle One
12-Mega Stomp
13-Mega Force 2
14-Eagle One 2
15-The Float
16-Mega Force (live)

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Harem Scarem - Raw And Rare 2008 (Dvd5) Melodic Hard Rock

Artist :Harem Scarem/Country:Canada/Year :2007/Style :Melodic Hard Rock
Running Time :02.25.31 min./Menu:Yes/Audio:2.0 Dolby Digital,48,0 KHz
Video codec: MPEG2,8000 Kbps/Video Resolution : DVD 5,720 x 576 (1.778) 25 fps/Format :Pal,16:9,4:3
Region:DVD: 0, All (Worldwide)

Thank U Vlada

Mirage - Angel Ardiente 1992 (Melodic Rock) Mexico

One of the rarest cds (not) around today! This band came from Mexico but recorded their cd in California in 1992. Talk about hooks, if song #4 doesnt make it want to listen to it over and over again, nothing will. Sung in spanish but using the universal language of rock as best as it can be used.

ripping vinyl

Stiletto - Demos 1992 (Melodic Rock)

Stiletto (Female fronted) - Demos (1992)

Vixen (2) - Made In Hawaii EP 1983 (Hard Rock) US

This is the story of one of the biggest names in heavy metal. This lady was quite well known, especially in the undergroundscene. Names like ALOHA, VIXEN, HAWAII, MALISHA may sound familiar to some of you readers. This is the story of KIM LA CHANCE.
It starts in September '81, when Kim joins Hawaï's first heavy metal band VIXEN (not the Janet Gardner outfit) together with Jeff Graves-drums, Paul Escorpeso-bass (ex-MANICA) and Marty Friedman on guitar (who came from the Washington based band DEUCE). Friedman's name will also return in bands like ALOHA, HAWAII, CACOPHONY and today MEGADETH.

miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

Roxbury Drive - Demos 19XX (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA

Vixen - Extended Versions 'Live Sweden Rock Festival 2005' (2006) Hard Rock,US

Totally new line-up & live, i was at this particular show so for me this is an fun cd w/memories. this cd is only for us who was there or for the diehard fans! i doubt anyone else will find it interesting! (d_okken)

Vince Cardillo - First Step. (1993) AOR ,Germany

Country: German*Style: AOR / Westcoat*Format: CBR 192 kb/s*Archive: 35,90 Mb
Robert_AOR * Re-Up

Grzegorz Skawinski - Skawinski 1989 (AOR) Poland

Country: Poland
Style: AOR
Format: CBR 320 kb/s
Archive: 75,40 Mb 

Alan Gorrie - Sleepless Night (1985) AOR/ Westcoat,UK

Country: UK
Style: AOR/ Westcoat/Hi Tech/Smooth
Format: CBR 320 kb/s
Archive: 102,47 Mb 


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Strut - Unlimited Access 1988 (Hard Rock) US

The equation is pretty simple here. If you like your 80's hard rock / metal, odds are pretty high you'll like this disc. It's not the best ever, but it's just a good solid 80's hard rock disc. 'Stay tonight' is great commercial hard rock and 'Just say goodbye' is quite a lovely ballad... and elsewhere you just have a good solid hard rockers. Nicely played as well. Good album and well worth a purchase if you can find it (geoff)

Miles Long - Fasten Your Seatbelt 1986 (Melodic Rock/AOR)