jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

TX Barryt - Sharx "EP" 2008 (Melodic Hard Rock) Germany

Actually, TX.BARRYT are laid to rest with their current CD release. These recordings were penned back in 1994 shortly before their split. Before that they released a very good debut in 1993 (take a look at the review on www.metal-treasures.com). Nowadays this CD is highly sought after by the collectors and rather expensive. The songs of "Sharx" stay the musical course of its predecessor,that means they still play US Metal. Meanwhile the band has reformed with two new members. And that is mostly due to the band's followers. Persistency finally is worth while. The first result is the CD featured here. Live activities are planned and, of course, new song material is in the making.Let us be taken by surprise what else will happen in the near future. So support the band's enterprise. P.S.: Just feel free to ask for their first CD. Maybe Mickie has still one copy for you in stock. Thank You Jstoyz.
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