miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Screams - St. 1979 (Rock/Power Pop) US

Judging by the liner notes on 1979's "Screams" they were apparently from Champaign, Illinois (at least that's where their fan club was located). Produced by Terry Luttrell (original lead vocalist for REO Speedwagon & Starcastle), and co-produced by Tom Flyte, the album features an excellent set of power-pop, though the band added a dark edge to tracks such as "Paper Dolls" and "Angeline's Toys". Full of highly commercial and radio friendly material, highlights included "It's Just a Matter of Time", "Pen Pal" and "Financial Disaster (It's Only Money)". The one non-original - a surprisingly MOR "I Play for You" would have made a dandy top-40 single.
After the disolution of "Screams", John Siegle reappeared as a member of Chicago's The Insiders, and Brad Steakley played with The Elvis Brothers (as Brad Elvis), Three Hour Tour, and Big Hello.
On of my contacts here at Youtube "Derek Von" has informed me that Brad is currently playing drums with "The Romantics".

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