jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Raygun Rebels - Bring Me Home 2011 (Hard Rock) Germany

The Raygun Rebels cite their songs as being about the good things in life -- the problem is that these joys of life have been covered before, and usually far better. The hard rock sound of their debut album Bring Me Home is relatively fresh, but the vocals and song structures are unexciting, repetitive and lack originality. The layers of sound aren't well defined, a point more on production, but it does feel like you are listening to one long song that develops and changes a little every four minutes.
These young Germans do have their moments, with some '70s rock inspired moments (especially in the guitar work), but the sub-standard production and lack of variety really let them down. At times Bring Me Home has a DIY punk attitude about it, but I'd like to hear what the Raygun Rebels can come up with when they clean up their sound a little more.(sleazeroxx)

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