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Nutron - Just Waiting 198? (Pomp Rock) U.S.A

Pomp rock band with a penchance for video games, thats close to being illegal!
That aside, the music is well played, with plenty of parping keyboards/synths and some competent guitarwork. The songwriting has to be heard, to believed... its all asteroids forever, and space invaders, and "I got no girl, but i got the arcades... zap!... zap!" Theres a number of words to describe this... "corny"... "brave"... "stoopid"... "pompy"... "excessive". Take your pick...but... I'd buy it because its, and heres two more words: "quaint", and "whimsical", and lets face it, we can all do with a little whimsy in this tough ole world. One of the lead singers is a guy called Lance Powers. I wonder if its the same guy with three solo albums under his belt, and if quizzed, would he even own up to this one?!
I very much doubt it! Check out the sounds. Ex Nutron guitarist/vocalist Charlie Wade recently contacted aor-fm and confirmed that it was "the" Lance Powers who has released a number of Christian influenced pomp/aor albums ("Destination Unknown"/"Straight From The Heart") back in the late 90's.
Lance Powers - Lead vocals, keyboards
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