lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Mojo Rib - In For Sin (2007) Hard Rock

 Following on the heels of their critically-acclaimed 2003 debut, Mojo Rib’s IN FOR SIN is a hard rawk travelogue, a ten-song soundtrack to a steamy Saturday night in L.A., with all its temptations, frustrations, and toxic libations! From the blistering opener “L.A. Hot Wax” through the epic sweep of “Bitch Magnet” and the stripped-down slam of “Lucky In The Order,” IN FOR SIN delivers 40 minutes of the hard rock sex and swagger that is the Los Angeles quintet’s stock-in-trade. Featuring the explosive vocals of JAY SOSNICKI, the blistering guitar dynamics of JOE FAVAZZA and DREW SIMON, and the rock-solid bottom of MICHAEL WHITE and DON McCURDY, IN FOR SIN is exactly what new-millennium hard rock fans have been waiting for – an authentic rock ‘n roll experience. No gimmicks, just epoch-defining guitar riffs, gut-bucket vocals, and the kind of saucy lyrics that would bring a smile to the face of Bon Scott himself.

Thank U Derek

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