domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

38 Special - Live From Texas 2011 (Southern Rock) US,320@

After three decades in music, 38 Special still have what it takes to put on an electrifying show. This “live” CD, along with their longevity in the industry, is a substantial indication of that. It will make the listeners feel as if they were in the front row of their concerts.38 Special are by far, one of the finest assets that southern rock music has to offer. They are also very versatile since their music has crossed over to the country and adult contemporary radio formats.This CD includes a medley of six of the band’s hits from the ’80s era such as “Back to Paradise,” “Somebody Like You,” “Rough Housin’,” “Stone Cold Believer,” “Like No Other Night,” “Second Chance” as well as “Teacher, Teacher,” a tune that was featured in the soundtrack of the 1984 Ralph Macchio film Teachers.

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