jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Sure Conviction - Blind 2001 (CCM Rock/AOR) US

Sometimes a band you havent heard in years just popps up. Back in 93 the two brothers Liffengren in Sure Conviction first got my attention with their John & Dino Elephante - produced album "Get Ready". Back then they played quite tough AOR with of course a nice production from the brother Elephante. And - what came in the post the other day. yes - your guess is right - a brand new album with the band. So, what about it then. Gone is the pure AOR sound from the early 90s. Instead they have added an acoustic production to the songs whore still very melodic. The production isnt 100% on the album, which is sad cause they sure have some good songs on here such as "Without Your Love" and the AOR:ish "Greater". All in all a quite pleasant surprise that would have been really good if a good producer had been involved.(melodic.net)

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