viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

Samurai - St 1986 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Portugal

The Samurai were a rock group formed by FM Manuel Cardoso (guitar, vocals), Francisco Landum (guitar), Tonic (bass) and Tony Duarte (drums). In the spring of 1987 recording their debut album. The album namesake, included topics such as "Sex In the Ground," "Amazon", "Shout For Love," "Dance Forever" and "Radio Suicide". The album included the participation of former Roquivários Mario Gramaço (saxafone). The Discossete edited a compilation in 1988 with the themes of the first single from Iberia, four themes of the three themes of the Samurai and Vasco da Gama. Francisco Landum leaves the group to devote exclusively to Iberia who have collaborated since 1986. The group also recorded a second album but was never published.

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