jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Mikael Rickfors - Vingar 1991 (AOR/Melodic Rock) 256@

This is a true classic from the left of the 80's, as I have in the back of my head, thanks to my father. I have the last tipped off about some old rock foxes, and Rickfors is yet another to the list, and it's since elementary school when I heard Dad listen to this man, particularly when he was with the group Awesome Hook. It's far from the music that I listen to today perhaps, but this song, I think today is really nice, and worth listening to. The song can be found on Michael Rickfors's album of the same name as the song, therefore, Wings, and of his compilation album Greatest Hits 1999, and Highlights 1985-1992.

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