viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

Jimi Jamison- Jamo Sessions Vol. 2 Demo (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA

Ultra Rare, Ex-Survivor When Love Comes Down Sessions & 90s Demos!!!
19 TRACKS: Red handed - After dark - Rythm of your heart - Girls like - Mr. lonely (w/Chris Adamson) - No man's land - Phone keeps on ringin' - Take it like a man - I turn to you - When the phone don't ring - Take me to the other side - The same way twice - I don't mind - Made for lovin' you - Come to me - Father - Empires (Demo) - First day of love (Demo) - Just beyond the clouds (Demo)
Kenny Mims, Phil Bates, Cal Curtis, John Christopher Farren, Jesse Harms, Jim Jamison, Curt Cuomo, Harry Paress, Jim Peterik, Frankie Sullivan, Teddy Castelucci, Tom Mgrdichian, Jonnie Barnett, Mike Lawler

Thanks Midnight

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