miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

Black Tora - Rise Of The Tora 2009 (Hard Rock/Melodic Metal) US

One of the best kept secrets in Hard Rock is the band Black Tora. This young three-piece from McAllen, Texas was originally signed by KEEL Entertainment under the band’s previous name Warryor.Paul Shortino’s Music Works label signed the band and released their debut effort Rise of the Tora. Not only did Paul Shortino produce this CD, but he also provides background vocals on the song “Warrior”. He must have seen a lot in this young band, and I completely see why.
This disc sounds like it was made in 1984, not 2009. Black Tora may have a retro sound, but make no mistake about it, they flat out rock.A singer can make or break a band, and Black Tora’s singer Chris Daniel gets the job done! He delivers solid vocals and plenty of metal screams to keep this listener interested. Edd “The Animal” provides plenty of thunder to drive these songs home.

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