jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Black Rose - Winds Of Fire "EP" 1995 (Heavy Metal) Sweden

BLACK ROSE was formed in 1990 in Fagersta, a small town in Sweden. After a couple of member changes, the first year, the line-up was stable for almost ten years. The band played lots of gigs in Sweden between the releases. In the end of 1999 a new keyboard player (Magnus Vesterlund) and a new guitarist (Ola Carlsson) joined the band and brought in some fresh blood. The music style has been constant, even through all different music-trends that has come and gone. The style is Melodic Hard Rock Metal, often compared to the likes of RAINBOW, YNGWIE, PRETTY MAIDS, TALISMAN, PC 69 and EUROPE. In December 2001 Shark Records got in contact with the band, a contract was signed and a 16-track CD was released late March 2002.

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