martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Angeline - Disconnected 2011 (Melodic Rock) Sweden

It's a unique combination of Melodic Rock, a genre that was popular when Angeline first started out more than twenty years ago, with super catchy hooklines, multi layered harmonies in Harem Scarem fashion and a healthy dose of Modern Rock, which shows their wide range of influences from bands such as Daughtry, 3 Doors Down and the recent Bon Jovi albums and for good measure a bit of the Retro Hard Rock sound à la Airbourne and Bullet is added. The album features a crisp and powerful production by the band's guitarist Jocke Nilsson and a state-of-the-art mastering by Björn Engelmann (Stage Dolls, Wig Wam, Within Temptation, Friestedt-Williams). The band members are very proud of this Rock solid record and they are looking forward to present their new songs as part of their energetic live shows..

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