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Rawkon - St 1987(Hard Rock)

Rawkon - St 1987(Hard Rock) 

Magnum - Magnum II 1979 (AOR)

Magnum - Magnum II  1979 (AOR)

Grace Slick - Welcome to the Wrecking Ball! 1981 (Psychedelic Rock)

Grace Slick - Welcome to the Wrecking Ball!  1981 (Psychedelic Rock)

Circus - Demos 1990 (Melodic Rock) UK

Rare!,much harmony and keyboards !!

Ty Aornufc.

Vandal - St "Demos 2" 199? (Hard Rock) US,Miami

SUPER RARE & RECOMMENDED!!! 14 songs more than interesting ,sound very acceptable.

Night Crossing - St 1984 (AOR) US

Pure AOR 80'S

Shayle - Standing In The Shadows 1993 (AOR)

Canadienses que tienen sus momentos, sobre todo la buena voz de Darell Yeoman. AOR elegante.
1. Ain´t an addiction, 2. On my way, 3. Made me believe, 4. Morning radio, 5. Wild ones and lovers, 6. Run along, 7. Calling your own, 8. Burning the candle, 9. Stay the night, 10. These old words, 11. Cassidy, 12. Promises.
posted 24/11/07

Young Force - Can´t Stand The Night "EP" 1988 (AOR) Suecia

Swedish aor hopefuls, to my knowledge only ever released this rare vinyl single.
A-Side is a ballad, with the B being an uptempo "rockers".
The production sucked big time which makes everything sound flat and wishy washy, so you been warned.File under "promising".
post 7/07/10

Pretty Maids - It Comes Alive [2CD] 2012

256k/224mb/MP3/Melodic Hard Rock/Denmark
Thank u N.Master

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Vandal - It's Only Love "EP" 2009 (Hard Rock) US

01 - In Your Eyes/02 - It's Only Love/03 - Helltown/04 - Foolin' (Def Leppard Cover)
Miami's "Vandal" were one of the three top draws during South Florid's club scene explosion in the late-to-mid 90's (the other two being Tuff Luck and Saigon Kick).
Thank U }{eavy

Rings Of Saturn - Demo 1989 (Hard Rock) US

Rings Of Saturn leave us 4 demos very! acceptable.
Billy Coane (vocals) guest participates in the album Cherry St - Monroe.
You wanted something RARE!?

Dancer - In The Beginning 1986 (Hard Rock) Japan

Toshihito Maeda - vocals /Taiji Fujimoto - guitar/Kouichi Yamazaki - bass/Shinsuke Ogawa - drums good good!!!

Vandal - Demos 1992 (Hard Rock) US


Taz - Demo 1988 (Hard Rock/Glam) US

Like Bang Gang, Alleycat Scratch, Motley Crue, Great White, Slaughter

Toy Roz - St 1989 (Hard Rock) 320@

This is the forgotten band that no-one has remembered... until now. Toy Roz epitomizes the excess of the late 80's hair band gone awry.
The first track of side B launches into a powerhouse set/gig opener where the singer rides sharp throughout all choruses. It is almost as if he could not hear the monitors on stage at teh beginning of a live gig. I imagine the singer was a rude prick to the live sound guys because they were going to "make it big time". It is brilliant.(TOY)
posted 11/03/08 / 320@not bad sound improvement

Laurence Archer - St 1986 (Melodic Hard Rock) US

Excellent melodic hard rock and very highly sought after . Solid bandwithexcellent vocals .

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Faster Pussycat - Babylon "7 Single" (Hard Rock) US

Babylon / Cathouse

Lions Breed - Damn The Night 1984 (Hard Rock) UK

Agent - Experience of Passion "EP" 1986 (Melodic Hard Rock) Ger

The band logo looks Metal, unfortunately the music isn't. I also haven't heard about Rockwork Records yet, but I'm no real German Metal fanatic so I don't really care that much. AGENT seems to be from Cologne, at least the album was recorded there, but there's no year mentioned on the sleeve and the whole thing looks pretty private. Guess they have been fans of EUROPE and all these Radio Metal bands coz that's what's to hear on the record. Watery semi-epic AORish Hard Rock with dominant keyboards and a more or less german sounding vocalist, who did his job well, but sadly can't oppress his accent, although I can hear a nasty Ronnie James Dio influence! Judging by their style/sound I'd say the record was recorded ca. 1987-90 and if a song like "Welcome the night" wouldn't be featured I'd advice you to ignore this one, but that damn little hymn makes the record buyable even though the SURVIVOR "Eye of the tiger" flair is undenyable. So imagine a heavier "Eye of the tiger" version with Dio singing. Dammit, why aren't the other tracks sounding like "Welcome the night"?.(metalpage)
Thank u Strappado/Aortrooper

Sure Conviction - Blind 2001 (CCM Rock/AOR) US

Sometimes a band you havent heard in years just popps up. Back in 93 the two brothers Liffengren in Sure Conviction first got my attention with their John & Dino Elephante - produced album "Get Ready". Back then they played quite tough AOR with of course a nice production from the brother Elephante. And - what came in the post the other day. yes - your guess is right - a brand new album with the band. So, what about it then. Gone is the pure AOR sound from the early 90s. Instead they have added an acoustic production to the songs whore still very melodic. The production isnt 100% on the album, which is sad cause they sure have some good songs on here such as "Without Your Love" and the AOR:ish "Greater". All in all a quite pleasant surprise that would have been really good if a good producer had been involved.(melodic.net)

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Quolio - Girl On My Mind/Waiting For You 1987 (AOR) Sweden

Rare swedish private Melodichardrock/AOR.

Red Star Rebels - Fuck N’ Run (2007) Hard Rock/UK

01. Nikki Heartache
02. Queen Of Obscene
03. Rock N’ Roll
Hard Rock

Thank U! Nightmare Master for your hard work and dedication to sharing.

Red Star Rebels - Too Young To Care EP (2006) Hard Rock/UK

01. Too Young To Care
02. Hold
03. Fast Die Young (And Pretty)
04. In It For The Kicks
Hard Rock

Orphan Anny - Primitive Urban Survival 1993 (Hard Rock) US

01. Emptiness
02. Live to Laugh
03. Long Way Ahead
04. Wasting My Time
05. To the Sky
06. Past is Bled
07. Burning Up
08. Just Beyond
09. In the Streets
10. Listen to the Music
11. Somewhere Inside
12. Try Again
13. One Opinion
14. Thinking
15. Silhouette
16. Sad But True
17. I Love Christmas // 192k/88mb/MP3/Hard Rock/USA

Orphan Anny - Think You Better Get Checked (1992) Hard Rock/US

01. Hard To Get
02. Silhouette
03. Sad But True
04. Wall Of Pride
05. Tu Eras El Diablo
06. Thinkin'
07. State Of Mind
08. One Opinion
09. Into The Black
10. Barroom Jam
128k/35mb/MP3/Hard Rock/USA

Orphan Anny - A Dog's Life (1989) Hard Rock/USA

01. Bloody Murder
02. Krazy
03. Breakdown
04. Out Of Love
05. Here's To You
06. Never Say Die
07. The Buck
08. Whattcha Gonna Do
09. No Name Man
10. Rock 4 You
11. Live It Up
128k/40mb/MP3/Hard Rock/USA

Evelyn - St [ EP] 1996 (Melodic Hard Rock )


Fantazy - St 1990 (Hard Rock)

Fantazy - St  1990 (Hard Rock)

Eden Lost - Road of Desire 2005 (AOR/Melodic Hard Rock)

Eden Lost - Road of Desire  2005 (AOR/Melodic Hard Rock

A Sound Of Thunder - Out Of Darkness 2012 (Hard Rock/Metal) US 320

Accept - Stalingrad (2012) Heavy Metal/Germany


Wildside - Young Guns "Demo" 199? (Hard Rock) US

Great Hard Rock mix Cinderella,KIX,Guns n' Roses,Ratt and Skid Row..

Mad Max – Another Night Of Passion (2012)

Hard Rock/Metal

Thank U Nightmare Master

Borderline - Line Up 1994 (Hard Rock) Germany

first edition without bonus,Original cover.Second edition published and the bonus blog.

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Arch Rival - In The Face Of Danger 1991 (Hard Rock/Metal) US

Thank U Vlada

Molotow - 2009 - Rocktales


Secrets - Everyone's A Spy 1983 (AOR) US

Rare private press 1983 hard rock AOR record in the realms of Winterkat, Hybrid Ice, Mariner, Kenny Kammikaze and the like. (m-/m-)

Morse Code - Code Breaker 1983 (AOR) Canada

Some cool harmonies, nice keys, you can hear many influences of Genesis and Yes, "Tough Times" is my favorite track because it's the most AOR song. A bit boring at many moments i'd say.(j.carlos)

Link - Temptation 1983 (AOR/Pomp Rock) US

This is one of the best songs by link.
Pure pomprock, great drive and superb
vocals. Real classic aor. But my favorite
track is the awesome heavy and pompous shadow of myself. What a guitar

Magnum - Hot Nights "EP" 1983 (AOR) US

01.Hot Nights
02.Public Memory Nro.1
03.Second Chance
04.Unanswered Love
05.Video Girl
Best song from their ep hot nights.Written by jerry and bill of classic aor banddakota.Post Original 6/11/07