miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Wurx - Demos 19XX (Hair Metal/Glam) USA,HOUSTON,Texas

Wurx was formed in 1979 by high school friends John Adams (guitars), Michael Jordan (bass), and and Lance Nix (drums). They started off playing some of John's originals, and Black Sabbath covers. Their first gig was opening for Rick Woods and his band Zero Stone at The Agora Ballroom (John is currently in 'Lights Out, A Tribute to UFO' with Rick Woods).
They added singer Jeff Vanden Berghe and a revolving door of bass players. (John and Jeff are still working together in a band called "Love And War").
Wurx traveled the US from '87 through '89, doing the major club circuit, opening for rising stars (and blowing most of them away), including Poison, Dokken, Adam Ant, and many others.(ty Rock Idol)
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