viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Witch Bonnie - Hot, Nice & Nasty 1990 (Hard Rock) US

In 1989, overnight Witch Bonnie's name was everywhere, playing the biggest clubs in Boston on the best nights with some of Boston's best bands. Everybody was talking about this new band with high energy on stage and memorable songs. Oh yes... let's not forget the crazy antics on stage every night, including the flash pods and the strippers. This is the band's first 8 song demo tape, "Hot Nice & Nasty", which several record companies had pass on. As there was a local demand for the band's recorded music, this demo actually ended up being the band's first release. This recording eventually found itself in thousands of cassette players. There is also a follow-up 10 song release, "The First Time Always Hurts", which also sold thousands of units. In all, Witch Bonnie had reached 50 U.S. states and 22 countries via the band's self marketing campaign. By 1991, Witch Bonnie was receiving up to 200 pieces of fan mail daily, with a over 150 cassettes distributed daily.

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