miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

Terry Crawford - Circadian Rhythm 1996 (AOR) Australia

Terry Crawford is the drummer with the excellent Canadian pomp rock band Lightspeed whom I really should get round to reviewing very soon. But he’s obviously much more than a drummer and plays most of the instruments here as well as showing off a fine larynx not unlike the direct delivery of Dave Baldwin from New Jersey’s Tradia. Lending moral and musical support are several of his Lightspeed buddies and also Jim Gilmour from Saga - now that’s the way to get my attention!
After the short instrumental opening "Too Little, Too Late" is the first "proper" song and is much lighter than the splendour of Lightspeed. It’s still in a pomp/progressive style but there’s also a poppy bent which makes it refreshing and rather like Frozen Ghost. "You Don’t Listen" confirms these observations and almost sounds like Camel on "Stationary Traveller" with its hybrid progressive style and commercial awareness - an excellent track all round!
There’s lots of fine moments throughout this album - sure it might get poppy at times but its still complex without being overburdening. "No Anchovies" (nice title!) has some pretty insistent guitar work, "Neon Lights" is excellent guitary radio rock, and "Through the Years" has very Saga-ish keyboards to name three of the high points.
Overall it is indeed a very hybridised approach, but it really grows on the listener and is well worth tracking down….(aorbasement)

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