lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

Stryder - It's Rock 'n Roll 1984 (Melodic Hard Rock/AOR) US,320@

Stunning female fronted Melodic Hard Rock / AOR from this Utah-based band that was privately released on vinyl in very limited quantities in 1984. The long awaited CD issue of this album is finally here!! Digitally mastered and silver pressed. Including 2 mega rare bonus tracks from a Utah radio station compilation!! The stellar punchy production and impressive songwriting should have earned this band a big record deal way back when!! Infectious hooks, Laurie Welker's strong distinctive vocals, killer harmonies, top notch dual guitar work with blazing solos from Gilbert Rodriguez (who later formed BAD BOYS) and Chris Clary plus the monster drumming that permeates this disc just make this absolutely essential to all 80's hard rock fans!! Stryder later changed names and became the band ESSEX, so look for that and BAD BOYS to be released soon by Retrospect!! Meanwhile, put this Stryder classic at the top of your must-have lists!!

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