martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Shotgun Symphony - Forget The Rain 1997 (Melodic Rock/AOR) US

Formed in 1991 by keyboardist Charlie Calv and vocalist Tracy White, they spent their first year getting the band and songs together. In 1992, they started gigging around their home turf - the melodic rock hotbed of New Jersey, USA - and within months, they were discovered by Mark Ashton of Now & Then who published for his own label the band's first album. That self-titled debut won them a substantial following among the public and melodic rock insiders alike. It received rave reviews in industry bibles like Kerrang and Burrn! and it got them out playing live, on the road in 10 countries and 60 cities alongside acts like Whitesnake, Harem Scarem, and Tyketto. Still, the band knew they had even more to offer. Their powerful second studio record, 1997's "Forget The Rain," was described by one reviewer as "awe-inspiring... a brilliant, unforgettable, and ambitious fusion of the best of prog, pomp, pop, and metal... successfully flies in the face of conventions I never knew existed before". Their next album, 1998's "On The Line Of Fire," was a successful combination of the artistic impact of "Forget The Rain" and the more accessible melodic rock of their debut; it was promptly called "the band's best record to date" by some listeners. "Sea Of Desire" was Shotgun Symphony's highly-anticipated next step. The band's intention was to go in and make a really great straight-ahead melodic rock record. Indeed they did, focusing on ear-friendly melodies without sacrificing the instrumental brilliance that sets the band apart.

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