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Sharon O'Neill - The Best of 1983 [3 cd] (Lite AOR/AOR)

Sharon O'Neill was born on 23rd November 1952 in Nelson and started performing locally in the late 60's on acoustic guitar. She was a self taught musician who learned to play mainly by ear. Sharon started composing at an early age, mainly by putting chords to her poetry.

Sharon's first recordings were with a couple of friends from Nelson, Robin Winch and Nancy Richman. They recorded a song for Ode in 1971 as Suitewater. The song was "Suzanne"/"Chords of Fame". An entry into the 1970 Mobil Song Quest, saw them make the finals with a song called "Life Upon Life" written by Sharon. The song appeared on the album from the Quest under the recording name of Sharon and Nancy. The album "Mobil Song Quest 1970" was released on the Kiwi label, catalogue number MS-70.

This CD was released to coincide with Sharon's support concert series with Leo Sayer. The concerts have been a huge success and it is fantastic to see Sharon back on the stage, performing as good, if not better, than she always has.

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