miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

Konkurent - Escape From Paradise 1996 (Melodic Rock) Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not a country particularly well known for its melodic rock... or aor, for that matter. But along with Roberta, they are having a damn good throw of the dice. Keyboard driven melodic aor is what they offer, and the fare is very tasty! "Something Wet" has English vocals, and truth be known, are the worst part of the album. They are passable... just! "Trip To Heaven" is sang in Bulgarian, and also the text is written in their native language, hence the reason why I can not name the band. Song wise "TTH" is the pick of the two, with a better singer and songs and a more dynamic production. If you have a taste for some of the bands that sing in their own language like Coda (Mexico), Roberta and Allianza (Argentina) then these guys will be right up your strasse./ Post Original 14/10/10

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  1. Really interested in hearing some of this stuff....so is there a download link anywhere ?

  2. http://hardrockcity.b1.jcink.com/