miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

Big Red One - Trouble Maker 1994, (Hard Rock) Switzerland

The first of two fine releases by this Swiss hard rock band, featuring two former members of The Foolhouse and the vocal talents of Jean-Marc Viller (credited with lead vocals on Rough Generation "Psycho Trippin'" (1990), Back Street "Euphoria And Depression" (1993), and two different Escape Music 2007 releases, Neverland "Schizophrenia" and Daydreamer "Daydreamer". Also to his credits are backing vocals on both Fun Gogh albums, the first two Shakra albums, Crystal Ball "Timewalker", Crown Of Glory "A Deep Breath Of Life", and a duet on the title track of Lunatica's "Fable Of Dreams" album).
This is typical Swiss melodic rock... good melodic songs with the required loud, proud, and in your face delivery. And, it is even sponsored by Budweiser so you know it will go down smooth. Pretty hard to find nowadays. Recommended.
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