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Roger Romero - Red Rocket 1990 (Melodic Rock) "Edition Japanese"

¡¡ Exclusive !!
AOR/MELODIC ROCK !! RARE NWOBHM ,member of Legs Diamond.

Dirty Passion - Dirty Passion Killing My Dreams 2009 (Hard Rock/Sleazy) Sweden


Exile - Heart & Soul 1981 (AOR/Rock) US

David Zaffiro - In Sacrlet Storm 1990 (CCM Melodic Rock/AOR) US

David Zaffiro was the lead guitarist for Bloodgood - a Christian heavy metal band. David's solo work takes on a different direction - melodic hard rock. This is a great album worth every penny as are all of his solo albums. One song seems to flow nicely into the next with great music song after song..

Tuff - Regurgitation 2000 (Hard Rock/Sleazy Glam) US

Exises - St. 1986 (Melodic Hard Rock) Netherlands

Great melodic hard rock from this cool and unknown dutch band. Fans of HELLOISE, VENGEANCE or PICTURE will also like this band.(rene)
Well-recorded melodic metal similar to CRIMSON GLORY, ARMORED SAINT, IRON MAIDEN, or TNT. They are a distinctive difference from the rest of the European pack bent on following in the footsteps of HELLOWEEN!.(delbert)

Konkurent - Escape From Paradise 1996 (Melodic Rock) Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not a country particularly well known for its melodic rock... or aor, for that matter. But along with Roberta, they are having a damn good throw of the dice. Keyboard driven melodic aor is what they offer, and the fare is very tasty! "Something Wet" has English vocals, and truth be known, are the worst part of the album. They are passable... just! "Trip To Heaven" is sang in Bulgarian, and also the text is written in their native language, hence the reason why I can not name the band. Song wise "TTH" is the pick of the two, with a better singer and songs and a more dynamic production. If you have a taste for some of the bands that sing in their own language like Coda (Mexico), Roberta and Allianza (Argentina) then these guys will be right up your strasse./ Post Original 14/10/10

Fortune - Lord Of Flies 1996 (Melodic Rock) Suecia

Good Swedish melodic rock band, who's debut hinted at things to come: fine melodic rock with neo classical leanings. Fortunes music would get a little darker, and more progressive as they went on.Last two albums were produced by Bruce Gowdy (Stone Fury/Unruly Child)....and the production is fantastic!Soderberg would join Clockwise, and Bergqvist, in 2008, The Poodles.
There is also a "live" album doing the rounds entitled "Soldiers Of Fortune". This is a bootleg.(aor/fm) /Post Original 19/06/09

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Terry Gann - 1989 - If You're Listenin


Page One - St. 1982 (AOR/Pomp Rock) US

Fantastic band from 1982 from the US!
A really heart to find LP nowadays and a rare diamond in rock music.
Just lean back and enjoy this great song called "What Am I Gonna Do? (danube)

Helpless - Racing Into The Future 1988 (Hard Rock/Metal) Germany,320@

Eddie Schwartz - Private Life (Best Shots) 1994 (AOR)

Info Here.

Savage Rose - St 2005 (Melodic Hard Rock) US


Winner - Do You Remember 2009 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Brasil

Catchy songs like 'Dreamer'(my Fave!) 'Do You Remember' 'Far Away From Love' and 'Shine Now' in that order make a good MR/AOR album, the other tracks are just ok for me, the short time and the vocals are my 'complaints'. The ballad 'Sometimes' is good. Good effort guys! (jc)

XL Sisters - Nagy Test, Nagy Élvezet 1992 (Hard Rock) Hungarian

Original vinyl LP, the last pieces, brand new, scratch-free state.
The band was formed in 1992 from the Dance Attila Vertes left. Less than a year during their career, have been reported during the development of a single album, "Great body, great fun" title. The album title song became a big hit, but despite this the band broke up. Is strictly similar to the tiles was the anti-rock band dating from the early 90s, so this style now in short supply.

Time Gallery - St 1989/2011 "Reissue" + 4 Bonus (AOR/Westscoast)

Thank U Camelblue
Time Gallery's self-titled debut was originally released in 1989 and produced by Keith Olsen. The album is now re-issued in remastered quality and with four previously unreleased bonus tracks. Finest westcoast.

Shotgun Symphony - Forget The Rain 1997 (Melodic Rock/AOR) US

Formed in 1991 by keyboardist Charlie Calv and vocalist Tracy White, they spent their first year getting the band and songs together. In 1992, they started gigging around their home turf - the melodic rock hotbed of New Jersey, USA - and within months, they were discovered by Mark Ashton of Now & Then who published for his own label the band's first album. That self-titled debut won them a substantial following among the public and melodic rock insiders alike. It received rave reviews in industry bibles like Kerrang and Burrn! and it got them out playing live, on the road in 10 countries and 60 cities alongside acts like Whitesnake, Harem Scarem, and Tyketto. Still, the band knew they had even more to offer. Their powerful second studio record, 1997's "Forget The Rain," was described by one reviewer as "awe-inspiring... a brilliant, unforgettable, and ambitious fusion of the best of prog, pomp, pop, and metal... successfully flies in the face of conventions I never knew existed before". Their next album, 1998's "On The Line Of Fire," was a successful combination of the artistic impact of "Forget The Rain" and the more accessible melodic rock of their debut; it was promptly called "the band's best record to date" by some listeners. "Sea Of Desire" was Shotgun Symphony's highly-anticipated next step. The band's intention was to go in and make a really great straight-ahead melodic rock record. Indeed they did, focusing on ear-friendly melodies without sacrificing the instrumental brilliance that sets the band apart.

Blaz-On - All In Bad Taste 1994 (Hard Rock) US

Very good melodic hard rock.

Shotgun Symphony - On The Of Fire 1997 (Melodic Hard Rock/AOR) US

Beatuful AOR/melodic hardrock from this very, very underrated great act ! I still have to hear their first weak release. Always far above average ! A recommended act ! (AOR freaky)

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Daylight Robbery - Cross Your Heart 2011 (Melodic Rock) UK


Vyper - 1985 - Prepared To Strike


Ziggurat - 1982 - Melodic Scandal (The Complete Ziggurat)


Urban Vault - 1985 - My Soul To Take


Warminister - 1986 - Out Of The Ashes


Pharoah - 2009 - Pharoah


Victory Group - 1982 - Tomorrow


Spy - St 1993/1980 "Reissue Japanese" (AOR/Pomp Rock) US,Kansas


Court Jester - The Edge Of Insanity 1995 (Hard Rock/Metal) Germany

Produced and mixed by Joerg Engel and Frank Schoepges at Kornberg and Partner Tonstudio in December of 1994. Mixed at Living Room Studio, Wiesbaden, January 1995. Cover and Layout by Guitarist Enrico Steffen. Skywalk Records [#86070]. HQ Scans included in the archive!.

Crossroads - Hype 1992 (Hard Rock) Germany

Hard Rock seems talented German orthodox According to the band. The tagline of this kind on that have been fooled many times until now, has also fueled unlikely to lead to high evaluation at all that participate in the guest Jans Becker of RUNNING WILD, but I heard not expect at all, this talented hard Rock certainly why why orthodox. Type but as close to the VICTORY, the United States in the wind a little more catchy than that one. This was a bargain.

The Stand - St. 1989 (AOR) Canada

Christian band who's album, rumour has it, was a set of demos and not a fullblown release.Also believed to have a six track ep and a farther 2 albums "Heartbreak Town" and "In Three days".

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Irokk - Songs 1986 (Melodic Hard Rock) US,Boston


Blaz On - In Our Free Time 1991 (Hard Rock/Hair Metal) US

Like CINDERELLA / Thank U! Bob

Andy Qunta - Legend in a Loungeroom 1989 (AOR) 320@

British keyboardist known for having been in the Australian band Icehouse.

Spys - St 1982/Behind Enemy Lines 1983 (AOR) US,320

GREAT AOR 320@!!!/Thank U! Vlada

Rex Hunter - Life Goes On 1994/2007 "Reissue" (Hard Rock) US

4 Very good HardRock tracks indeed and any filler. I´m so much impressed with this EP, if you like 80´s HardRock this is a Must Have. "Life Goes On" is my favorite track, the ballad "Never Say Never" and the semi-epic "Playing With Fire" are good ones. Retrospect did it again. Recommended.(JC)

Endless - No Less No More 1994 (Melodic Rock) Germany,320@

Good German aor band much in the same vein of countrymen JoJo and Dominoe.
post original 18/11/10

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St. Elmo's Fire - Powerdrive 1990(Melodic Hard Rock) US

Hard Rock, Hard Rock album Good hard issues that touch and taste to mid 80's as we had used the good bands from that era of glory, so if yours is good Hard Rock 80's do not lose!.

Thank U! }{eavy

Magna Carta - St 1990 (Melodic Hard Rock/Metal) Greece,320@

Ultra Rare Lp featuring legendary drummer Marc Cross & guitarist Pete Lallis. Originaly intended to come out with English lyrics, however the record company forced them to re-record the entire album in Greek language. Bonus tracks from the original version never released.(strappado)
// Quality 320@ //

Brian Island - St 1989 (AOR) Canada

Island's style is Hi-Tech AOR with high dosis of adult pop. A playground where the likes of Stan Meissner, Gowan or Stan Meissner hang out.

Dragons Cave - DH8WI 2000 (Melodic Rock/Prog Rock) Germany

Very Good German Band / Melodicrock with progressive elements.
Horst Feldhäuser - lead vocals, guitar; Martin Werner - lead guitar; Andy Lorenzen - keyboards; Steffen Bauer - bass, voc.;Sebastian Reß - bass, guitar, voc.

Mat Sinner - Back To The Bullet 1990 (Hard Rock) Germany

This is the first and only solo album of the Sinner bandleader.
RECOMMENDED!! / post original 18/2/09